Friday, June 30, 2017

A Working Trip to Whidbey Island

We had a couple of days to squeeze in a trip to Whidbey Island this week. since i had an appointment Tuesday afternoon, we waited until after the rush hour to go north through the city and to the ferry dock at Mukilteo.

The sound was like satin on this calm evening.
 We only had to wait for one boat, so we had just enough time to stretch our legs and watch the ferry come into the dock. 
 And then we were on our way, leaving the mainland behind. 
 We rent our cabin out one week each summer, always to the same family. It provides revenue to help us pay our taxes and other expenses. It also serves as an impetus to get in and do a through cleaning. We keep a list of jobs posted and each family member checks them off as they get done.  

One of our jobs is to maintain the garden, since we planted it. It was looking very crisp, except for the plants that are drought tolerant. 
 Working together, Tom and I spent three hours Wednesday morning, clipping and weeding and hauling out the brown debris. 
In the afternoon Tom went after cob webs inside and I put teak oil on the deck furniture and washed all the other outdoor furniture. 
I took a few minutes to walk over to the beach on the bay side before sitting a bit. 

 After dinner, we live streamed the Sounders match being played in San Jose. The sounders got scored on late in the match to loose 2-1. 
 We were tired, but we took a little stroll in the twilight. Our summer evenings are long and lingering. 

Thursday morning we did more cleaning jobs inside, and then took the afternoon off to read and visit with Tom's cousin next door, and get some deck sitting time. We returned home Thursday evening, satisfied that we are well on the way to having the cabin ready.

There will be some family members enjoying the cabin this weekend and over the 4th of July, and then they will do the final cleaning.  Our Whidbey Island cabin is an extended family project and a shared treasure. 


  1. Great treasure! I love Whidbey Island.

  2. It is truly a wonderful thing to have in the family. I've enjoyed seeing how hard you all work to keep it up. :-)

  3. We found cobwebs to be a never ending problem on our recreation property. It was a native treed lot so what else do you expect?

  4. Your Whidbey Island cabin is a treasure indeed and you certainly take excellent care of it. Beautiful shots of a lovely summer evening.

  5. what a great place to have to go to clean up the cabin and garden...coolness

  6. You take such good care of things.

  7. Glad to see you do take some time to just enjoy the lovely area. I'm afraid I'd do a lot more of deck sitting or strolling the water's edge. I'm reading a book now by a Seattle author (Give It Back) and she keeps mentioning the places that I've gotten familiar with via your blog. Makes the story more interesting.

  8. It is so pretty there at Whidbey Island. You and Tom sure work hard. I've enjoyed catching up with your posts. Irene is beautiful just like her mother. I can't believe how she and Issac have grown up. You have such a beautiful family. You ALL are very special people!


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