Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Fun

The Reeder-Gibsons began their summer fun full speed ahead in their first week of freedom. Jill and Isaac went to Idaho on a Boy Scout Adventure. Irene went to stay with her Aunt Jan for the first part of the week, then an overnight with one of her best friends , and then Thursday night with us.

We did our usual stuff - gardening, walking, a few trips into the city, for an appointment and for a soccer match. and we made sure the kids' kitties and garden were watered and fed. 

Friday morning Irene went with us to our usual breakfast. Then, after stopping by her house to check on the cats, we stopped at Des Moines Marina to see what the low tide looked like and walk out on the dock. 

 There were goslings being watched over by their mama. 

Then we drove to Kent to the Carpentino Brothers Nursery and Produce Stand. I was looking for some good local strawberries. 
 We found some strawberries and some corn too!
Meanwhile, Jill and Isaac and the Scouts were making their long drive home after quite the adventures. They backpacked into Louie Lake. (These are the photos Jill posted on Facebook. I wasn't there, of course)
 Then they climbed that peak you see across the lake.
 Jill, being a Mountaineering Instructor, got five of the eight Scouts to the top. It turned out to be a very advanced scramble, and Isaac, leading the others, didn't quite make it to the top. The "other dads", as Jill referred to the other adult chaperones, were not quite up to it. 
Then they spent several days white water rafting on the Salmon River. I have no photos. I understand they were too busy trying to stay in the boat. 

We hadn't planned on them making it back very early, but when we got an update that they would make it home by about 6:30, I added to my dinner plans, and they rolled in about 7:00, ready to devour everything in sight. 

There were grilled teriyaki chicken sticks, grilled asparagus, corn on the cob, green salad with pear, cranberries and walnuts, and for dessert, strawberry shortcake!

We we had a great time sharing all of the stories. 

And that was just the first week. Today Isaac and Irene are off to Colorado to spend time with their dad and their other grandparents. There will be camping. Jill is off to Oregon to climb two of the Three Sisters Mountains. Tom and I will do cat and garden minding duty, and take off for two days ourselves, to the Whidbey cabin. 

Fun in the summer!


  1. Summer busyness is the best kind of busy. We have local strawberries, but local corn is still a ways off here.

  2. Summer is definitely your best season. In the picture of you and Irene her expression is 100% Jill. No doubt the Reeder family will squeeze every ounce of fun they can out of summer.

  3. It does seem the time of year for families to head out in all different directions.

  4. You a busy! Those mountain views are beautiful! :)

  5. Such a packed but fun schedule for the whole family. You all take advantage of the summer.

  6. Your family is so full of energy and things-to-do! I love all the pictures. The strawberry shortcake looks delightful!

  7. Irene is growing amazingly fast! I almost didn't recognize her next to Tom. Sounds like it was great fun for all, with plenty more to come. :-)

  8. You must have a master schedule to keep up with all these activities.

  9. Your family sure knows how to have fun!

  10. cool vacation plans wejust returned from a quick weekend up north in utah where it's cooler...

  11. Oh my goodness! You guys are so incredibly busy and active! Your Jill is amazing. What an incredible adventure with a thoroughly scrumptious dinner to cap it all. The kids are growing so tall.

  12. Wow Linda your summer is already jam packed. That Jill is one adventuresome girl. Good for you guys. Look how tall Irene is--already. Have fun at Whidbey

  13. It has been fun watching Irene grow! She has gotten so tall and adult looking! Boy does that strawberry shortcake look good! I'm still waiting for my freeloading strawberries to produce! I have the best looking plants I've ever had, but there isn't a single berry - maybe the deer are eating them? I see tracks!


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