Thursday, June 15, 2017

What's New, and other Stuff

Yesterday Sears delivered our new dryer. 

The old dryer was slowly dying, and squawking in it's death throes. We decided it would make more sense to replace it than pay to repair it. 

Tom got it all leveled out - yes, there is a level on his phone - and installed, with only one trip to the hardware store. 
 It's not a perfect match, but at least you can still buy plain old dryers and not those huge fancy things. 
Then he spent several hours weeding the vegetable garden. 
I worked several hours snipping and clipping. Then I took photos. Tomorrow there will be a garden tour of Reeder Garden. 

We were supposed to fire up Tom's brand new grill for our dinner. 
I was sitting at the patio table, updating calendars with all of the family comings and goings for the summer.
Then Tom came walking up from the lower yard, holding his arm, and said I would need to apply some first aid.

Tom was finally getting the snowball bush pruned, and in using the pruning saw to cut up branches he somehow whacked his forearm. 

We got the bleeding under control with direct pressure, and then I applied a pressure bandage and called our medical provider. There was bruising and puncture wounds from the saw teeth, but not a slashing cut. 

Well, instead of grilling dinner, we hopped on the light rail to go into the Kaiser Permanente  Medical Center to get him patched up. Fortunately, he was doing well, and does not faint over blood like I might. 
It was 7:00 by the time we emerged from Urgent Care, so we found a little place on Broadway on Capitol Hill, near the light rail station, to get some dinner. 
Then we walked around Cal Anderson park to find ice cream at Molly Moon's, but it was way too busy and too long a line, so we walked back to Dick's Drive-in, a local landmark, and got our ice cream, sat on a street side bench to people watch and eat, and then finally got back on the light rail to come home. It was not the evening we planned, but we made an adventure out of it. 

Oh, and Tuesday evening we attended a Sounders match in a preliminary round of the US Open Cup series at the little stadium near us. We bought our tickets through the Emerald City Supporters, of which we are members, so we had to sit with the rowdies. 
 It was all cool, and we won!  
Now, today, it is raining. I guess we will be forced to do some house work. And I still have that grilled dinner in mind. We might have to do it under cover. 


  1. Glad Tom was patched up without too much trouble.

  2. Your yard is stupendous and I am trying to moderate my jealousy. So glad you are both back on track.

  3. Oh well, Getting poked with a trimmer beats getting shot playing baseball I guess. Certainly not as much publicity. Wonder if it ever plans to quit wining in our part of the world so we can have summer?

  4. Oh, poor Tom! Glad he's all patched up now. I faint at the sight of blood too.

  5. exciting evening, glad it all turned out okay...

  6. Poor Tom. Good thing that it wasn't worse though and you managed to make "an adventure" out of what could have been a ruined afternoon/evening. I'm looking forward to the tour of your garden.

  7. Okay, this is my new favorite header. I love the flowers! Sorry Tom got hurt. It sounds awful. You and Tom seem to always make the best of any situation. Glad you enjoyed the evening out.

  8. Sorry to hear about Tom, hopefully he will feel better soon. Looking forward to seeing the garden.

  9. Good heavens, you two had quite a day! Glad the cut on the arm wasn't more serious.

  10. Glad Tom is okay, and you still have that new grill to christen with its first dinner. Nice picture of you! :-)

  11. Ouch, sure glad Tom could be patched up OK. Impressed how you salvaged a trip to the Medical Center into a nice afternoon in town. You all are so adaptable. Grilling tonight maybe?
    I stumbled on a Sounder's match a while back and was surprised just how bloody soccer can be.

  12. Hope Tom got a Tetanus Shot too.,,,I am glad he is all patched up! :)

  13. Oh yikes! I'm glad Tom is OK. Art has had those ER visits too. I've not tried the Urgent Care for mom yet. I shall have to look into that. That grill looks really great!

  14. Oh gosh, I'm glad he's ok...scary...


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