Thursday, June 8, 2017

Salem, Oregon

The state capitol building in Salem is the third building to bear this title, the first two being destroyed by fire in 1855 and in 1935. It is built in the art deco style prevalent in 1936-1938, when it was built on the site of the previous buildings. 
But what caught my attention first was this tree. I am a "big tree" collector, in that I love venerable old giants of the arboreal variety. 

Oregon is the Beaver State
The Walk of Flags -flags from every state and the state's Native American Nations - and "Parade of Animals", whimsical sculptures in celebration of children. 
Across the street from the back side of the capitol is Willamette University. Again, big old trees drew me here. 

This is a grove of Sequoias. 

So cool!

And there was a rose garden!

Back on the capitol grounds, we found this monument, pieces of columns of the previous grand capitol that was destroyed by fire. 
Well, now we were finally winding down from our marathon Memorial Day adventures, so we sought out a McMenamins brew pub at about 5:00 for Happy Hour and a rest. This is McMenamins Boons Treasury, in an historic old building.

We enjoyed a beer and tater tots and then stayed for burgers and salad.  I had raspberry beer. 
Then to walk off our dinner we drove over to Riverfront park on the Willamette River. 
It was a lovely warm evening and lots of folks were enjoying the final hours of their Memorial Day weekend. 

We discovered this brand new pedestrian bridge over the Willamette Slew, a backwater area of the main river. 

We didn't join the many who were walking the trail across the island preserve out to the main channel. By now we were limiting our walking for the day. 

We did walk around the perimeter if the main park before returning to our car for the drive back north to Woodburn and our hotel. As we watered the plants sitting in the trunk of the car, we watched the sun set before retiring at the end of a wonderful day. 


  1. What a wonderful burl in that Elm. I am also drawn to trees and Oregon has so many beautiful ones! My brother lives just south of Salem...on visits we are always drawn to the coast instead of inland:)

  2. Awesome huge trees! A wonderful end to a great weekend!

  3. Nice sunset to cap off a very interesting day.

  4. You can really see the great size of some of these trees when your trusty model stands beside them.

  5. I can see why you love that elm tree. It's beautiful. And the weather was pretty perfect in Oregon, too. :-)

  6. That is an amazing burl on that tree. You really put in a packed day and thank you for taking us alone. I'm not even tired though you must have been. Lovely way to end a lovely day.

  7. I love trees and roses, so this is my kind of park. That really is an amazing old tree. Nice walk through the park too!

  8. You go to the most incredible places! Those sequoias are HUGE! I noticed the burl on the tree too.


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