Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunday Adventure

With our kids dispersed, I planned our own little outing for Father's Day. We drove into the city to the Fremont neighborhood, where each year, on the weekend closest to the summer solstice, Fremont hosts the Fremont Solstice Festival. Fremont is a very funky neighborhood, and so are the festivities. 

The Solstice Parade is held on Saturday. We went once. It is a very popular event, known for its naked bicycle riders and other forms of strangeness. On Sunday the festival continues with an expansion of the usual Sunday Street Market.

Fremont is located on the north bank of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, a man made connection between Lake Washington, Union Bay, Salmon Bay, Shilshole Bay, and the salt water of Puget Sound. With locks to manage the difference in water level, the canal is used for all manor of boating transportation. 

We started off with a walk along the canal. 

 While we were down by the water we attracted this flotilla of Canada geese, who seemed to be looking for a handout. I tossed them a wild pea vine that I plucked out of the bank. Veggies are better for them than bread anyway. 
 A great blue heron watched for food too. 
 Back on the walking path, these topiary dinosaurs seemed to be poking their noses in the display tents.  
 It looks like the Fremont Bridge got a new coat of paint, but blue and orange???
 A racing crew was out practicing. No problem catching the kayak. 
 Hmmm. A pirate ship? I think this one was for hire for cruising. 
 Nice and peaceful here, before the onslaught of crowds to come soon. 
 The statue is of Sri Chinmey, called A Dreamer of Peace.
 He does look peaceful there under the Aurora Bridge. 

 Some of the house boats Seattle is famous for (Sleepless in Seattle).
 A bit of a rest after the first two miles. 
 Looking through the supports of the Aurora Bridge, up to another famous landmark, the Troll. 

 We didn't bother to hike up there this time, so this is the best I can do with my little zoom lens. 
 Another Seattle icon, JP Patches and his side kick, Gertrude. These two wacky guys entertained kids on their TV show for many years.  

 Nearby is the statue Waiting For the Interurban.  It is frequently dressed for the occasion by the locals. The artist, Richard Beyer, adorned the dog with the face of a man with whom he had public disputes. 

 And then we were just about ready for the street market, but first, a stop for a rest at that Starbucks you see on the corner. 
 It was a cool, overcast day, but after walking we were ready for a cool down and enjoyed our coffee al fresco. 
We checked out all of the stalls that interested us, and had nice chats with many of the vendors. I liked the glaze on this pottery. 
 We are always attracted to glass. 
 And succulents and other interesting plants and containers. 
 We stopped in at a plant store, Indoor Sun Shoppe, along the route. 

 I am always entertained watching a blacksmith at work, 
 After studying all of the food booth options, Tom chose a brat, and we went to the Main Stage beer garden for another chance to sit and rest, listen to music and check out our phones, of course. I just had a Clif Bar that was  passed out free along the way, and some water. I was saving my calories for ice cream later. 

We had more to see!
 Tom got excited upon seeing this oyster booth, but he had already eaten. 
 We stopped to check out the Art Car display. 

 Ours is not to reason why..........

 This one was covered with toys.
 There were bugs. 

 And boots...., and who knows what all on this one. 

We returned to an ice cream booth we had seen along the way, got our scoops, and enjoyed them as we made the trek back along the canal to the car. 

We had fun, got tired leg syndrome, and were happy to head for home about 3:00. 


  1. Looks like a fun day. I greatly enjoy going to the funky parts of Portland. Funky people are one of my favorite things about Oregon. So much more fun than everybody dressed alike as cowboys. Interesting though that I experienced a little feeling of hesitancy while reading about your experience. Am I suddenly beginning to experience a little fear inspired by all the awful things happening lately? I hope not. Personally I've always found funky people to be extremely interesting and nice. I think it's the grumpy ones that live in my part of town I need to be watching.

  2. I would have loved to join you for the day, it looks full of things I like from art to succulents to the canal, beer and coffee.

  3. Sounds like a great day. Love the cars!

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  5. What a variety of activities. A really nice walk, feeding the geese healthy snacks, then a car show. Loved the eyelashes. Sri Chinmey wrinkeless face shows just how healthy for us peace could be.

  6. There's very little you can't see at this market. I'll bet it took all day. Thanks for reporting it .

  7. What a fun day! I might like living on one of those houseboats!

  8. I agree, a very fun day. I smiled when you wet into a plant store. I wasn't surprised for some reason. :-)

  9. Tired leg syndrome... I can sure believe it. You seem to have walked a long way.
    I liked that Pirate Ship. It would be neat to have a little trip around on it.

  10. ambitious and interesting weather too. Lots of places up there to explore! It's 110 today so we are enjoying our AC computer room and home!


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