Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Of Birds and Bees and Blooms, and That Stinky Flower.

Last week I discovered an empty Junco's nest in the coal bucket planter.
Today as I was out poking my camera lens into things, I flushed out the Mama Junco and discovered four speckled brown eggs. 
 I hope I can watch the development here without bothering the parents too much. They sure do chip-chip at me if I get too close. 
I brought my camera out late this afternoon because I discovered that the Voodoo Lily was blooming. 
 Dracunulus vulgaris, also called Dragon Lily, is one of those blooms of the type that smells like rotten meat. By tomorrow it will be attracting flies, and there are quite a few buds yet to bloom. Stinky, but oh, that color!
 The Bumbles were busy on the spirea. 

 A sprawling type of clematis has popped open. 

 Nature creates amazing color schemes. 
 The volunteer Shirley poppies are popping. 

 Finger mittens for foxes? 

 Columbine are nearing the end of their season. I will miss them. 
 Welsh poppies perform all spring and into summer. 

 A hardy geranium rambles and weaves its way where it wants to. 
 A Pacific Coast iris. 
 Yellow water iris, Iris pseudacorus, lives down by the dry pond.
 The two peonies we have managed to keep going.

 And roses - Old English types - are beginning to erupt in their first flush.

 The blue eyed grass I bought at Joy Creek.
 An old Asiatic lily.
 I do believe Summer begins today! I'm ready for some outdoor living!


  1. I am so excited you have a Junco nest. We also had four eggs in ours earlier this spring. It was such fun watching that nest. Best of all I happened to be looking out the patio door when they decided to leave the nest. Yours is in a more vulnerable location than our nest so I do hope it will be safe.

    Someone else around here has a stinky flower. I just read about it. Aren't they sometimes called corpse flower, or corpse lilly? Have to admit they are strikeningly beautiful. Probably good not to have them too close to the house.

  2. love the colors and a bird nest to watch, how fun...

  3. What a colorful yard. This is when all the hard work pays off.

  4. We had a Junco raise a batch one year, in a hanging basket. I managed to water it ever so carefully when she was off the nest. When I came near her she'd scold me though.

  5. Your garden is a month behind mine. We are well into hot summer here. Fun to see the differences.

  6. I'd love to pick a bouquet of flowers from your gardens. What colors!

  7. That Dragon Lily is amazing. All of your flowers are amazing. Looking at your gardens makes me want to get the gardening tools together and go start over!

  8. Just beautiful flowrs, even the stinky one is gorgeous! Thank you for showing me the beauty around you. Inspiring! :-)

  9. How sweet to find a nest in your container! I look forward to seeing further developments. Lucky birds to be raised in the beautiful oasis of your garden. So many pretty blooms and your arrangement in the cobalt bottles is stunning. Happy solstice!

  10. Juncos are among my favorite little birds. How lucky to have a nest so close. Brave of you to plant the stinky plant. Not sure I could if it smells that bad, regardless of its beauty. Hope the odor is brief and the beauty long.

  11. Okay, what do you do to make that stinky lily bloom? I've had bulbs that my sister gave me years ago that I've moved about three times now. They produce beautiful leaves every year, then die back without blooming. Your flowers are amazing! What a delightful variety of plants and color and I'm impressed that you know what they all are.

  12. Your yellow roses are beautiful! Well everything in your garden is beautiful, but that yellow roses is special! :)

  13. Absolutely awesome, gorgeous flowers, Linda. Your Vulgaris bloom really looks like a smaller version of the Corpse plant.


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