Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kicking Off Pride Week in Seattle

 There was Sounders Soccer game last night. They painted the steps in a rainbow.
The band played on.

 The Pride Flag was flown proudly. 
 The first 10,000 of us were given arm bands.
 Rainbows were everywhere.

 The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air.  As my son posted on Facebook, "Pride" is really about freedom. 
 And some extra sparkle. 
 The Emerald City Supporters showed their support. 

We had received an invitation from the Sounders FC organization to spend the last twenty minutes of the game watching from down on the field. We accepted. It would be a new experience. 

Here's for view from the south end zone, field level.
 The ECS was cheering and chanting behind us. Tom craned his neck to make sure I got him in the photo from over my head. 
At times we were right in the action.
Unfortunately, Orlando scored in the last seconds of the game to tie the game and steal our victory celebration. 
But I guess we were just sharing the Pride. 


  1. Your son is right, pride is about freedom. Wow, field level? They must know how loyal you are. Kudos.

  2. Wow! What a rush to be that close! Soccer is da bomb!

  3. You have a couple of kinds of pride here. You're a good sport to let another team partake of the win!

  4. Wonderful pictures. Sorry you didn't win, but the ringside seat for the parade should make up for it. A little at least. :-)

  5. Wow, seeing the rewards of being such a dedicated Sounders supporter. I'm all in for all kinds of freedom, and it's nice to see acceptance of everyone! I remember the poor soul who the popular kids in our little school identified as gay years ago, where I had to sacrifice my own reputation just to be her friend. :(

  6. Way cool that you got to sit so close! Sorry the Sounders didn't win but you can still have pride in your team!


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