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Monday, June 26, 2017

An Unexpected Gift

A week ago the McMicken Lunch Bunch met at a local restaurant for our monthly get-together. We are all educators who worked at some time at McMicken Heights Elementary School.

I worked at McMicken in various jobs, both classified and certified, for about 20 years. It is also my neighborhood school and the school my children attended.

Our group meets once a month, and there are about a dozen of us on the list, but each month we have whoever can make it. It's always fun to get together and visit. Most of us are retired, but occasionally we get someone still working in the district, and then we can get all the latest scuttlebutt. 

Last week there were seven of us, and Andrea had a surprise for two of us. She has a friend who "dabbles" in water color painting, and she brought a chickadee painting for DeeDee, who loves that little bird.

When she saw this little painting, she thought of me.

Andrea follows my blog, which I usually link to Facebook, so she knows I have foxgloves blooming in my garden right now. She has also been a guest in my garden for various occasions. 

What a lovely surprise! Thank you, Andrea.

This photo was taken by DeeDee, and Chris had already left to return to work. She is a principal. Andrea is next to me, and next to Tom are Linda M. and Eileen. 
When I got the little paining home, I had to decide where to hang it. It blended so well with a painting I already had in the kitchen done by Nancy Spaulding, a San Juan Island painter, so I collected another by Spaulding - we have several - and made a little grouping.
 How delightful to receive an unexpected gift!


  1. Gifts of art are hard to do successfully. You have to know the person's tastes very well.

  2. Lovely painting. Your post prompts me to go out onto our Woods road, behind our house, today to get a photo of the mound of foxgloves mysteriously growing there. Stay tuned!

  3. What a thoughtful friend you have there.

  4. Lovely painting, and that is a very nice grouping. Yes, it's nice to receive unexpected gifts, isn't it? :-)

  5. People amaze us with their thoughtfulness. My bunch meets once or twice a year and it's always an exciting time.

  6. how fun and thoughtful, great arrangement

  7. What a considerate and beautiful gift! Goes so well with your header!

  8. What a thoughtful, lovely gift and I think you found the perfect spot.

  9. What a gorgeous gift and that group of art really looks beautiful.

  10. You're right! The little Foxglove painting makes a perfect addition!

  11. What a sweet surprise. Your grouping looks fantastic.


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