Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sebright Gardens

Yes, this is still the Memorial Day garden tour in the Willamette Valley. We did stop for lunch before moving on to Sebright Gardens, just a few miles from our previous stops. 

Where the iris and peony gardens require sun for best performance, Sebright specializes in perennials for shade: epimediums, ferns, and especially, hostas. 

 In the mix are also other shade lovers, like varieties of May Apple-Podophylum- of which that spotty plant below is an example. 

 So many colors of green!

 There are arisemias too, commonly called cobra lilies or jack-in-the-pulpit. That huge many-fingered leaf below is a healthy example. 

 Here's another May apple.
 Can you see how it gets its name?


 Another arisemia is just emerging.

 Leaving the shade we wander the paths through shrubs and ornamental evergreens and flowering perennials. 

 Tom was looking for the tag on this white leafed tree. Now we don't remember what it was. 

 Back in the shade we follow even more paths. 


  A sweet little clematis. 

 Another podophylum

 Attached to Sebright Gardens is Mid America Garden, where irises are cultivated in growing fields. 

 To make shade you need trees, and there are many wonderful specimens in this garden. 

 This fringe tree - Chionanthus virginicus-is so frothy and lovely. 

 Back in the shade, we find more to explore. 
 Look, it's cardiocrimun giganteum, giant Himalayan lily!

 Oh, and here are some in bloom! They are about eight feet tall.

And finally we come to the end of the display garden, and it's time to shop. We see the growing fields out back.  
 There are perennials
 And a huge hoop house full of ferns, epimediums and hostas.

 We bought four hostas, a carrot fern, and a variegated Solomon's seal (polygonatum).
 Tom was happy.
We have, since returning home, planted all of these in a new shade garden area where what was there wasn't working. I'm not sure that it will ever look like even a little corner of Sebright Gardens though. 


  1. That is an absolutely lovely garden.
    I am beginning to think that Vermont is turning into a rain forest. I mean we do call it the Green Mountain State, but this year it is GREEN and WET.

  2. Oh my gosh, your were right when you said that this garden alone was worth the trip! I've admired Seabright's sales tables at Hortlandia and other plant sales but the garden is magnificent! Thanks for the tour!

  3. such a lovely garden, though places that are full of shady plantings like this in hawaii come with a mosquito problem.

  4. I would think you are out of space for plants. The photos do inspire me, though.

  5. I am a foliage person so that is my kind of garden. Just love the different shapes and colors. Wish I had more shade.

  6. Many people have nasty shady spots in their yard that make it hard to do something with. I'm surprised at how many greens there are.

  7. That giant Lily is amazing!! The Hostas all looked so lush and lovely in the shade gardens. All in all, another great garden.

  8. What a magnificent garden. I love the paths throughout, and your pictures all make me goad I got to join the virtual tour. :-)

  9. so many shades of green, just amazing!

  10. I used to collect different kinds of hostas when we lived in Illinois. I loved it that they could take care of themselves. I wish I could have them in Hawaii. It's amazing to see all the varieties in this garden.


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