Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Sibling Dinner Party

Three of my four siblings live in the Pacific Northwest, all on the coastal side of the Cascade Mountains, in northern Oregon to central Washington to me, the most northerly, in the Seattle area. We have one other brother, who lives in the greater Boston area.

Since our families have grown, we no longer get together for actual Christmas, so we try to plan a get together in the days before or after. We usually meet somewhere in the middle, at a restaurant.

It has been a long time since my siblings have been to  my home during the holiday season, so I decided to invite them here for our gathering. Due to travel distance, we decided to have a mid day dinner.

They all arrived about noon in one car load, and we spent lots of time visiting as we waited for my tardy scalloped potatoes to get done. It was about 1:45 when we sat down to eat. Tom prepared cedar plank salmon on the grill, and it was delicious.

I did not take any photos, but my sister Ilene did. These are the ones she posted on Facebook.
This is our brother Henry and his wife Cindy.
Sister Laurie and her husband Arnold. 
Yours truly and Tom. 
Since Ilene didn't take any selfies, I got this photo of her off her Facebook page. 
We had a great early holiday celebration, spending about four hours together, before they departed back south down the freeway.

Tom and I cleared up the dishes and had time to relax before going to Irene's middle school band concert. She plays the alto saxophone, and was very cool in her featured solo with the jazz band. 

It was a very good day. 


  1. Love it. I just realized that Ilene and Irene almost share a name! :-)

  2. looks like fun, i just made scalloped potatoes for a party and it took 3 hours from start to finish-very labor intensive. Irene is certainly talented...

  3. It's great that the senior generation can get together at Christmas.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful get together. Can't believe how fast your grandkids are growing. Seems like just yesterday that Irene was dancing around her flower shop at your open garden...

  5. What a great idea. We are much about getting together----siblings I mean. Never have been and I don't know why. My eldest brother in Spokane passed many years ago---way too young. My sis lives in Kelowna BC and brother John lives in Redmond. So it wouldn't be impossible..........
    Merry Christmas to you and Tom

  6. I like how you arranged the table. So nice that your siblings could come and enjoy a good visit in your lovely home.
    Irene is very talented and even if I am not a fan of Jazz I can appreciate her talent.

  7. How wonderful of you to host! We did a similar night last Saturday at our home, only my sister from the east coast was missing.
    I was tired the next day...and then my brother hosted Sunday night and I made flat bread to go with a salad and salmon:)

  8. I just love your sweet family! Irene is really good on that saxophone.


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