Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas Brunch

It was earlier this year, a great way to kick off the holiday celebrating.  It was Becky's Brunch, hosted by our long time friend and associate of Tom's teaching alma mater, Des Moines Elementary School. (That's Des Moines, Washington, a town on the Sound south of Seattle, for you non-locals.)

There were beautifully set tables and great food, all prepared and served up by Becky, the hostess with the mostest. 

 There was lots of talk. Teachers are good at talking, you know, even retired teachers, and their friends are too. 

Here we are in our official photo. That's our host Becky, far left, front row, and next to her are our two 91 year olds, Mavis and DeDe. We only tell the ages of those who have reached revered status. 
I didn't teach at Des Moines, but Tom did, both as a PE teacher and the kindergarten teacher. He retired from Des Moines, and for many years before that we hosted the year end party in our garden, so I am an adopted member of the clan. 

Thank you, Becky. The holidays have begun. Let the merry bells keep ringing.


  1. I love how Becky sets tables! So lovely!! I like the 3 little cedar trees in red pots and may just steal that idea ( if I can find the tiny cedars).
    You have a lovely bunch of friends for sure.

  2. Such a lovely gathering! I like pondering the picture of these venerable women and man. Gorgeous place settings, too. :-)

  3. looks like lots of fun, food and conversation!

  4. Well, I've lived most of my life with chatty teachers. We had a different work relationship as we cooperated on much of the program. Dec. 19 I go out for lunch with the guys. I've been retired for 21 years and we still get together. I have to say that I admire Tom for teaching kindergarden. We need more males teaching primary classes.

  5. Beautiful table settings and what a great group. Tom's very own harem.

  6. Looks like a delicious and beautiful get-together. What a special tradition to ring in the season!


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