Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Field Trip

We had a beautiful, cold, sunshiny day for our Christmas Shop field trip with two of our good friends, Jan and Colleen. Both are former teaching colleagues of Tom's. 

We were headed to Ballard, the Scandinavian center of the city of Seattle. First stop was at Jake's house, where we left his wreath on his apartment door. 
Then on to the Scandinavian Specialties store, which is full of fun things for those of us connected to the Norselands, which we all were. 

 Tom and I controlled ourselves but Jan and Colleen left a chunk of change there. 
 Next up, Larsen's Bakery, home of the famous Kringle.
We brought one home to put into the freezer until later.
There were lots of goodies to have right there and then, so we did!
 Here are the lovely ladies that kept us company today, Colleen and Jan. 
 That chocolate dipped almond log there in the center is what I had. Yum!   
 Then we traveled farther north, officially out of Ballard, to Swanson's Nursery. Everything is always so beautiful at Swanson's. 

 So many wonderful wreaths.

   And plants and planted containers too.

We found Santa. Well, Santa found Jan, and then we all got into the act.

 His reindeer were nearby.

 The koi were fishing for food in the pond in the gift shop. 
 There was lots to study in the train display. There seems to be a Yeti on Mt Rainier rather than Big Foot. 
 Lots of colorful decorations and gifts to be found here. 
 And lots of sparkle too. 
 We moved on, farther north, to a Panera Bread restaurant for a light lunch and then were on our way to our last stop, nearby, at Sky Nursery.
 This is a huge nursery, but this time of year we are most interested in the Christmas Shop. 

 Jan is an intense shopper, evaluating everything. 

 Tom and I did our best to avoid putting anything in a basket. We are full up at our house. I could have added more food ornaments to our tree. 

 I love the elves too. 
 The greenhouse had some pretty displays.. 

 Tom really liked this shed, but it won't fit in the van. 

It was another great annual Christmas field trip. We'll do them as long as we can and as long as we have wonderful companions to bring along. 


  1. how fun, we'll go out shopping tomorrow for a christmas live wreath for our door and put up our christmas tree. it's time now...

  2. They certainly have many things Christmas for you to leave money. Colorful post.

  3. So many things to look at, choices to make, food to savour... a truly wonderful day with friends.

  4. No Christmas shopping for me. I have boxes of decorations I no longer unpack. Too many themed holidays from the past.

  5. A wonderful day, just perfect in the sunshine with friends and family. Too bad Tom couldn't get that shed into the car! :-)

  6. Potato sausages at Scandinavian Specialties!!!!

  7. hat a wonderful tour you took us on, a real feast for the eyes. The food specialities looked delicious.

  8. I'd have brought home a bunch of Kringles. They look delicious and think I would hang out at the reindeer pens. They are so cute.

  9. A splendid field trip in good company - what could be better? I haven't been to Swanson's or Sky yet this month but they're both wonderful places, especially at this time of year. Glad you brought home a kringle for later.

  10. Those gnomes have broken to be popular everywhere this year. You have inspired me to take a trip into Sarasota where there is a nice little Scandinavian shop. I'll look for a gift for my sister. We are not Scandinavian -- although we used to get asked that all the time because of names and formerly blonde hair. My sister did spend a year as an exchange student in Sweden and never really recovered from her love affair with that country.

  11. Oh my gosh! I've never seen so many pretty things in one place. I especially liked the first stop, the Scandinavian. I always like your choice of food too, the chocolate one looks best.


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