Saturday, December 29, 2018

Turkey Soup

You know Christmas is winding down when the turkey carcass goes into the stock pot. 

It has been quiet around here since Christmas Day evening. We have had time to catch up on sleep, as I try to defeat the effects of insomnia. We have been reading and watching TV and finding some movies On Demand to watch. We are picky about our movies, so we reject most of the stuff, but I have a list to fill those evenings before our regular programming returns.  

I have spent very little time following the news over the holiday. If something breaks ("Breaking News!") I'll give it a listen. The claims of the Liar in Chief are never ending.  

We do have football to watch. Our WSU Cougars won the Alamo Bowl last night. The Seahawks play on Sunday afternoon, and our UW Huskies are in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day. 

We did actually work outside for over an hour on the 26th, planting some bulbs. Tom bought them on sale in November and they had been sitting on the workbench ever since. We also clipped the old foliage of the hellebores, since the new flower buds are popping up.

The rain has returned again now, a good day to make soup. Since we hosted Christmas Eve dinner, we got the leftovers, which we have been enjoying ever since. I always make lots of extra stuffing and gravy to go with left over turkey. Now even the last bit of cranberry sauce is gone. 

We have been eating too many cookies also, and gaining weight, so today I consolidated all that were left, and put most of them back in the freezer. I'll take a bunch of them over to the kids when they get back from their vacation in Cozumel, Mexico. They are in sunshine. 

The turkey is in the pot.

After it simmers a while, I'll strain it and let it cool and pick the rest of the meat off the bones. I'll add vegetables and noodles and put the meat back in, and we'll have soup for dinner for days to come. 

It's great to have to do very little cooking for a while now, and no, we don't get tired of turkey.

And the house smells like Christmas again.


  1. Sometimes I think that turkey soup is the best part -- smells good, adds steamy moisture to the house (which you don't need, but I do because it is cold, dry and windy outside down here in SoCal) and home made egg noodles just can't be beat.

  2. You just reminded me of my mother's turkey hash. My sisters and I tried to duplicate it, to no avail. But the memory lives on. :-)

  3. I prepared a roast beef for Christmas dinner, but i still have turkey soup in the freezer from the Thanksgiving turkey. i will thaw it out this week since it is time to empty the fridge and freezer before I head back to Florida.

  4. Things seem to get very quiet after Christmas.

  5. The blustery, wet weather we're having is perfect for staying inside and making soup! Glad that things are quiet at your place and you have a chance to catch up on sleep!

  6. i love turkey soup...sounds so healthy and holidayish! On to the NEW YEAR! We are colder now with a promise of rain one day...

  7. Had to smile at the image in the pot. My Dad always pleased us but made us laugh as he prepared "turkey bone soup" each year. The name always got us giggling.

  8. Thanks for reminding me to cut the old foliage off my Hellebores. I wonder if I'll find any new growth under the old. We're usually a few weeks behind you in the garden.


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