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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cookie Factory

When we aren't running around, on field trips or gift shopping or shopping for more ingredients, we are baking cookies. So far we have baked five kinds, featuring apricots, cranberries, hazelnuts, raisins, and chocolate with cherries. 

Today we baked old fashioned raisin filled cookies. I haven't made these for many years, but my mother always made them. I added them back on the list when we removed another kind, by popular consent, of course. Jill and the kids must weigh in on any decision as important as what kind of cookies are made for Christmas. 
(OK, Blogger is turning me sideways again. Grrr.)

Actually these were Tom's choice, and since he is the cookie baking assistant, his wishes count. He helped solve a problem with this batch too. The recipe calls for a two inch round cookie cutter. I don't have one. I thought a small glass might work, but the edge isn't sharp. Tom was looking around in the garage and came up with a spray can top. Well, that looked just like the top on the cooking spray can. It worked beautifully. 

All of the cookies we make are fussy, but these Apricot Foldovers are about the fussiest. It takes a team, and my trusty teammate has had years of practice. As I said on Facebook, the cookie magic wouldn't happen without his help. 

 Iced and cooled and ready for the freezer, each one is a miniature Danish. 

We used to supply cookies for big family gatherings, but now I give most of them away in cookie tins loaded with an assortment. It makes us happy to be able to carry on the cookie tradition and also to share them with others. 


  1. They look scrumptious! I'm glad I'm a bit of a distance away from them or I'd be in trouble. :-)

  2. Not many people carry on the cookie tradition. People miss out by not making special cookies.

  3. It takes a dynamic team like you two to create such special treats. Happy cookie baking, freezing, and giving!

  4. Honestly, you and Tom are exceptional. Those cookies are as beautiful as all the Christmas items shown in your last post, the Christmas field trip. No way would my husband be in the kitchen that long...he would be asking, "do you have to make all that noise"?

  5. Such a lovely tradition. I wish I lived near enough to be included.

  6. I used to do this when butter was a reasonable price and I had no trouble contacting friends about stopping by for a Christmas visit since I always had a plate of assorted goodies. To me cards are for people you can't see during the holidays - otherwise you visit them. Am I responsible for the several pounds people put on during those Christmases?

  7. You two work so well together. Those Apricot Foldovers look amazing.

  8. I can almost taste those cookies. My Mom makes a date filled sookie this time of year. I don't have the patience to make a rolled cookie! You should have a package in the mail on Monday:)

  9. I no longer make cookies but I always hope baking family and friends will supply me with some and that usually works out for me.

  10. Your cookies look delightful! It's wonderful that Tom is right there helping you.
    My mom also made those raisin filled cookies but my kids don't care for them so I don't bother making them.
    I'm surprised the Apricot filling doesn't run out of the cookies when you bake them.


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