Saturday, December 15, 2018

Cookie Baking, 2018

I don't know how long it will be before they are too old to do this, or I am, but for now the annual cookie cutter cookie bake is still a happening thing with the grands, and Jill too. Yes, Tom gets to play a little too, and I am always on a roll (out). 

This was 2008, in Fort Morgan, CO. 
 Gingerbread and sprinkles then too.
 The decorating was a bit less precise then, but just as intense. 
 Those cute aprons I made don't fit anymore, well, except for Jill's, but they were here this year anyway, just not worn. 

 We cut out and baked the gingerbread first, and let them cool while we cut out, decorated, and baked the lemon sugar cookies. Then we used royal icing to detail the gingerbread. 

 Here are the results. Sprinkles are plentiful. 
 Oops. Sideways again, so bend your neck. Ouch. . 

Tom was a huge help in the kitchen, especially with the continual clean up.

We started about 3:00, since it was early release Friday at their schools, and I managed to have dinner on the table for all of us by about 6:15. Yay, me. 

Another successful Christmas cookie bake is in the books. We have to wait to eat the cookies. 


  1. Oh my gosh, Isaac and Irene were the most adorable children. They were beautiful! Of course, they both still are beautiful, and so is Jill. They grow us way too fast. I love how involved they get into decorating those cookies. Do either of them ever say a word? :)

  2. Love the annual cookie fest! :-)

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. I loved to see the pictures of Isaac and Irene taken 10 years ago.

  4. Holiday traditions like these are precious for all of your family and will be carried on by your grandchildren and probably their children one day. Those cookies look delicious!

  5. This is a great tradition and when others appear make sure they do cookies as well.

  6. You don't do things halfway, that's for sure. So cute to see those older pictures of the kids.

  7. The gingerbread with white icing is elegant.

  8. What a wonderful tradition! A lot of work for you and Tom, but well worth the memories and pictures.

  9. I hope Isaac and Irene never get too old to cherish this tradition! You're such amazing grandparents.


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