Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Solstice

For those of us living in the north lands of the northern hemisphere, today is a day to rejoice, not because it is the first day of winter, but because it is the first day of the return of the light. It is the original "reason for the season".

Miracle of miracles, it wasn't raining today. It has been a wild week around here, with destructive wind storms Tuesday and Thursday, and a violent tornado west of the sound that destroyed or damaged many homes where it touched down. We don't get tornadoes here. 

Since it is Friday, we went to our usual breakfast gathering, and were joined by a few non-regulars for a joyous gathering of nine. We kept our dear server Tally hopping. A few gifts were exchanged, and I distributed my cookie tins to our regular six.

Then a few of us progressed the party to Jeanne's house. She is also a former colleague who is now pretty much house bound. We brought her a little solstice party, she being of good Scandinavian stock and all. We brought lefse and fatigmand, and Jan brought salmon spread and other goodies. She got a tin of cookies too.

We had fun talking and carrying on about all sorts of things. It was 2:00 when we finished partying.  When we got home the sky was clear, and I really needed to move.  I have not been out for an exercise walk for over a month, but today I needed to go, to be outside, to get some of the low winter sun on my face, to make my body work the way I want it to.
 When Tom and I got back home, my Map Your Walk app read 1.94 miles.  It wasn't perfect, my back was still stiff, but nothing really hurt, and there was no buckling. Yay me!
 The sun was low in the sky as we walked in the park, and now, as I sit and type at 4:21, the sun has just set.
The rain and darkness may return tomorrow, but I had today! And each day there will be more light soon, and maybe even more walks.

I'm celebrating solstice. 


  1. The solstice occurred at 2:22pm today when you were out walking. Happy Solstice and I'm so glad to hear you were out and about today. :-)

  2. We walked this sun here. Happy First Day of Winter! I am glad it is finally here so we can move toward the light! :)

  3. Happy Solstice! I'm celebrating the return of more daylight hours too.

  4. Happy solstice! In the long past solstice was a day for celebration.

  5. Sounds like you had quite a lovely first day of winter.

  6. I agree on to more light and sunshine...we have made it so far into the winter and changes although I'm coming down with a sore throat which won't be fun for Christmas...

  7. More daylight is always a good thing. Happy solstice! I knew very little about solstice until now. I can't believe the tornadoes and storms around, and all the rain. According to the local weather reports, this has been the wettest year on record for this area. There haven't been enough dry days since fall to even begin raking leaves. Merry Christmas!

  8. How nice of you to bring the party to your house bound friend. That is being a true friend. I have been hearing about the nasty weather in your area and am so glad you and Djan have been mostly spared. Getting out and enjoying a bit of sunshine can really make a difference in our attitudes.

  9. You kids and your partying...How wonderful to enjoy your Friday group and very special that you took the party to Jeanne's house as well. Glad you got outside to enjoy the sun on the shortest day! Happy belated solstice!


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