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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Saturday Garden Touring, Part 2

The Purdey Garden is more that "purdy", it's knock out beautiful. You see that as soon as you drive up to this modest rambler on a small city lot. The color just jumps out at you.

 So many great color combinations, and so many wonderfully filled pots. 

 And that was just the front yard!  We worked our way around the side of the house to the terrace in the back.

 It's Hydrangea and lily time. 

 The pond 

 Even the service yard is beautifully camouflaged. 

What a wonderful garden. Thank you, Barb!


  1. wow so many reds and purples it's AMAZING!

  2. Wasn't Barb's garden fabulous? You got some great shots of the very colorful and tropical-feeling front. For some reason, I didn't take that many photos there. I loved the whole garden, so full of wonderful touches and great container combos.

  3. Wow. Barb's garden is definitely right purdey, pretty. She favors many of the plants I do like hydrangeas and lilies.

  4. The colors are almost overwhelming. Just beautiful and all work so well together. Couldn't believe the first part was just the front yard. Also great way to hide the air conditioner. Not sure what else was back there as it was nicely camouflaged.

  5. A lot of personality here. Everything looked so large and healthy.

  6. Incredibly colorful! Just an exceptionally beautiful garden. Looks like lots of work, too. :-)

  7. I'm surprised by the variation of leaf color. One impressive hedge is on the left side of a photo . I could only see part of it.

  8. This garden might very well be my favourite of all the ones you toured.


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