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Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Bowl Full of Cherries

Life isn't just a bowl full of cherries, but it was cherries we were after when we made a trip down to the Carpinito Brother's produce stand in Kent on Wednesday morning.
Oh, those Eastern Washington cherries are so luscious! And we couldn't resist other fresh produce either: more local strawberries, beets and beet greens, and Bibb lettuce. I'm not sure if the little melon is Washington grown - it might be from California. June is early for melons here. 

I am eating the cherries like candy. I had strawberries on my cereal this morning. I will fix beets and beet greens for dinner, and our green salad will use some of the bibb lettuce. Yum.

After we got back from produce shopping I found a bunch of e-mails from my medical team. Those kept me busy for a couple of hours. After a few inquiries and some phone calls and lots of going over the "surgery instructions", I think I have just about everything on the calendar: lab tests and EKG, MRSA nasal swab, pre-surgical physical with my primary care doc, phone appointment with a neurosurgery nurse to go over all of these instructions, days marked to stop all vitamins and OTC pain meds, in person appointment with my surgeon, the surgery (July 14th), and the post- op appointment in August. I will be notified about my COVID-19 test time and place just before the surgery. 

It was a bit overwhelming at first, since there was a short time line to get all the appointments sequenced, but everything worked out and it all begins next Monday. 

So now I keep on keeping on.   Life is good here on the Reeder half acre. I'm working on keeping it all in perspective. 

Like that bowl of cherries, the pits are smaller than the sweet parts. 


  1. best wishes and a speedy recovery...

  2. Glad to hear it's all coming together, and that you'll be able to enjoy all the fruits of summer as you recover from the surgery. I'll be watching for updates and praying that it all goes well. I'm convinced it will. You're in good hands. :-)

  3. Your positive approach is going to be the route to a good outcome. Sending positive vibes.Love pic of cherries. Years ago they did not appear as dart as they are these days. They are tasty as you have pointed out.

  4. Neat quote to end your post.

  5. Strawberries and raspberries and cherries all made their way onto our table this week. I'm loving all the fresh fruit.
    You have lots of appointments etc. lined up for the next while. I hope it all goes smoothly.

  6. Hopefully you will get all your tests done and the hospitals will stay open for surgeries...with the way the numbers are is concerning.

  7. Goodness, sure sounds like a lot of prep work for you. At least you are eating all the best things to build you up. Praying this all goes through as scheduled and the results are everything you want.

  8. This all looks delicious. Just seeing those cherries reminds me about a birding trip I took and it must have been at the right time because as we drove through Washington there were road side stands selling these cherries. That is where I learned to love them. I don't eat any other type of cherry and I only eat the as they look in the picture, fresh. Fond memories of that trip came through looking at these cherries. ;) I am glad that your medical business is getting all aligned. I hope all goes well.

  9. I bought cherries yesterday, but of course, they aren't local. I hope they taste as delicious as yours.

    Wishing you well as you go through the preliminary testing, and a successful surgery!

  10. Oh sheesh, Linda. What a time to have to go through this! I wish I could have some of those cherries. They’re still pretty expensive here.


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