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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hanging In There

It was 10:30 in the morning, We had gotten a slow start, had breakfast, caught up on some of the news, which never changes any more, I did my exercises, and looked at Tom and said "Now what?" Some days just seen purposeless. 

While the rain had finally stopped, it was too wet to do anything outside in the garden. My body wasn't working great, but I thought I could manage, so I said, "Let's go for a walk." 

Someone in the neighborhood planted a riot of topsy-turvy color. I love it!

I managed almost two miles, which makes me happy, because that means I burned 200 calories, which means I can have my chocolate today. I try to do some kind of exercise each day, because as of a week ago I have decided to try again, seriously, to lose weight. 

Losing weight is just part of my campaign to reclaim my mobility. Working with my general practice doctor, I now have had a hip x-ray, which shows severe Degenerative Joint Disease - that's what arthritis does to you - and I'm awaiting a call back from the orthopedic department. I also have a spine MRI scheduled for Thursday, and a phone appointment with a doctor in the spine clinic set for next Wednesday. Things are happening, although COVID does complicate everything.  Meanwhile I'm hanging in there and doing what I can for myself. 

Hanging is what's happening in the garden now too. With all of the rain, the pretty June flowers are bowed and even broken.

I'll have some propping up to do when everything isn't so heavy with rain water. 
A walk about the garden is still a very pleasant thing to do though.

It's 1:00 now, my lunch time. I'll read the paper, have a little chocolate, and then read and putter the rest of the day away. Just hanging in there. 


  1. There's always something a person can do but some days are less inspiring than others. I was out propping up plants jeans got wet. I saw so many little weeds but didn't dare bend to pull them out. I'm being very careful.
    Good luck with losing weight ( and I don't mean that sarcastically either). The older we get the harder it is to lose but it is supposedly still possible.

  2. some times hanging in there is all you can do especially in these stressful days...I went shopping with Caryn today and bought me a bird bath-looking forward to watching the birds outside cool off in our 100+ degree weather. Summer is here!

  3. Good to hear that some progress is being made for some possible treatment. It seems to take forever.

  4. I am using the "Lose It!" app to count my calories. I've lost a few pounds and only have a couple more to go. When I reached a number on my scales that tells me I MUST do it now, I again began the downward trajectory. Using the app gives me something to do. Today I see the acupuncturist for the first time since the lockdown. Glad to hear you are getting the help you need, Linda. And two miles is not nothin'! :-)

  5. Glad you are able to get some help now. For a while, unless you were critical the doctors wouldn't see you. My dentist is still only seeing emergencies. Hope you can find some significant relief soon.

  6. Have you heard of resistant starches? They are excellent for the health because they do not break down into sugars in the way that nonresistant starches do. I am learning about them from Dr. Steven Gundry's book, The Plant Paradox. When I first read it I was filled with dread because he blast everything that I like to eat. However, I am picking and choosing what I want to change and one of the easiest is resistant starches. He does say dark chocolate is good for you, btw.

  7. The colorful border is lovely! Sad that the flowers are getting beaten up by the rain, even so the garden is so lush.

    My dad always said, getting old is not for sissies. I hope the clinic is able to provide some assistance so you can continue to do what you love best. Take care and stya well!

  8. I wish you lived in my neighborhood, I could learn so much about building a garden from you! Today I worked on a bank between the shop and the house. It’s in full sun most of the day. Paul hauled in rocks that he’s been collecting for years and I started planting rock garden friendly plants. Trial and error...I’m learning what works. We bought some plants from an old guy selling plants from his driveway a few weeks ago. I planted hollyhocks by the patio and now it’s blooming in a beautiful shade of burgundy. So our garden is getting better, but I am envious every time I see your pictures.

  9. It is amazing how they can take us apart and put us back together again. Hopefully they will get you straightened out.
    We had the driest May ever here and the rain hasn't appeared in any significant amounts in June either. I rather envy you your rain. I know you hate the way the flowers are beaten down but they will snap back.

  10. I thought I'd lose weight during this isolation, but no... I'm not. I can barely manage 2 miles. I don't love to walk unlike Art who could walk 10 miles without sweating. Well, he's probably sweating but not admitting it. He's making sure I get my exercise.


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