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Thursday, June 18, 2020

An Island Estate Garden

Our final Gig Harbor area garden took us to Fox Island. Puget Sound has many islands and this one is accessible by bridge. With the sun shining on Sunday afternoon, we loved views of the water and a change of scenery.

Lucinda and Jerome Capers have a majestic home surrounded by two acres, mostly gardened, and crisscrossed with paths.

 A shady hideaway in the front yard. 
 A side seating area. 

 A cool wooden bowl planter.

 Dwarf conifer garden. 
 Views from the back terrace. 

 Lots of colorful foliage. 

 A blue bridge leads to the former horse pasture, now becoming an arboretum. 
 A dry stream bed, with fish. 
 And back across the bridge to end the tour. 
I just came in from working in my own garden, which is looking pretty good too, I wish our Open Garden was this weekend instead of a month from now. June is the best!


  1. Wow! That looks like a huge estate. They have such creative garden ideas. I can just imagine the work it takes to create such an amazing feast for the eyes.

  2. Such a beautiful place. Thanks, as always, for bringing me along through your wonderful pictures. :-)

  3. Incredible! At first, my favorite spot would be the front sitting area, but then I saw the view from the back terrace. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Another great garden. That blue bridge is a lovely splash of colour.

  5. Lots of imagination here with some very caring work.

  6. Ahh . . . I was just delighted by the dry stream with fish. Everything does look fresh and lush in your June touring.

  7. I am a tree and foliage person so this was a real treat. Just loved that wooden bowl planter.

  8. Loved that planter must be a burl that was hollowed out! Perfect! Nice gardens:)

  9. Another large garden. I like the vignettes you shared. One could work one of these small areas into the garden.

  10. wow, love to be there to enjoy the coolness and greeness-just lovely!


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