Greetings from Seattle

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


With a hodge podge of topics, I didn't know what to call this post, so you  just get "Tuesday".

Getting up is slow these days, and painful, but I did get my limited exercise routine done in time for our 9:30 Zoom meet up with our breakfast group. Our almost 93 year old friend DeDe was able to get all of her technology working and join us. That was fun.

After that it was time to do my one scheduled job for today - defrost and clean the old freezer that lives in the garage. While it was melting, I got an eight mile work out on my stationary bike. It's getting warm today so I needed to get that in early.

I was interrupted on my freezer job by a phone call. Things are moving fast now, and that call was to schedule spinal surgery for July 14th. That was faster than I expected, but I'm glad. It gets harder every day to manage pain and loss of mobility and other complications. The same surgeon who did my last surgery will do this one and I am comfortable in knowing what to expect.

Then I had to wait on hold for the longest time to schedule my pre-op appointment. In the mean time Tom came to my rescue and mostly finished the freezer job. 
We had lunch on the patio, a summer treat. It is a calm, sunny day, just perfect for reading the paper while I dine al fresco. 
After lunch Betsy Brown Cat came to see me. She doesn't settle much but does love attention. 
It's now 84 degrees, hot in the sun, so I'll save wandering in the garden until this evening. But I did want to show you that the stinky flowers are blooming. The Voodoo Lily is loaded with blooms and attracting flies. It's amazing how something so beautiful can smell so awful. 

With surgery scheduled for July 14th, I will need to be in quarantine for seven days before, so that will limit our activities even more. We are scheduled to spend three days at the Whidbey cabin, and I think we can still do that.  We have to cancel our Open Garden which was booked for the July 18th, since I will still be in recovery, so I will just have to continue to share our garden via photos.

It's now 3:00, time to settle someplace comfortable and read. 

Ah, Summer!


  1. I don't imagine the prospect of surgery is ever pleasant but I do want this to give you relief!

  2. That's wonderful that your surgery has been booked. I definitely hope it gives you some relief from the pain and increased mobility.

    Take care and stay well!

  3. All the best for your surgery.

  4. It's never fun planning surgery but it will be wonderful when you start feeling better afterwards! I'm keeping you in my thoughts!

  5. You seem to be approaching this surgery with just the right attitude. I am glad you are on top of this. Looking forward to you getting out and about more, except for the COVID restrictions!!

  6. I hope the surgery goes well. And I am glad to know you will be "here" for me to visit anyway. Wishing you all the best! It's awful to be in constant pain.

  7. I am so glad you are finally scheduled for the surgery and that pain may soon just become a word. Wishing you all the best for success and a quick recovery.

  8. Sounds like your summer is progressing and getting hot...we are 106 today but cool and comfortable inside with the AC going...

  9. The roses are beautiful! So glad you got a surgery date and the same Dr I hope your recovery is swift and you have less pain! :)

  10. I can't even keep one rose bush happy and you have several wonderful ones. Amazing!

  11. Your roses are gorgeous!!
    It's amazing that you got a date for your surgery so quickly. Wishing you all the best for that.You mention that you had surgery before; was that also on your spine?

  12. I am glad that you don't have to wait any longer for your surgery. Best of luck. I will look forward to seeing how your garden looks around the time that was scheduled for the tour. I hope you are home and able to enjoy it too. Love those yellow roses.

  13. Spinal surgery? Oh yikes! And you were defrosting your freezer?


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