Monday, June 29, 2020

Garden Touring in the North End

On Sunday morning we traveled north of Seattle to tour two NPA Open Gardens that were new to us. It had rained in the early morning, the air was cool and fresh, and everyone was behaving, wearing masks and keeping their distance. It was good to get out and away again.

The first garden was obviously a labor of love, belonging to Mary Monfort. Set in an ordinary mid century neighborhood, it greeted us with sunny color in the front yard.

 I love these daisies!
 The Asiatic lilies were gorgeous. 

 A very cool plant stand holding pots of succulents that don't require much watering. 
 Through the garden gate at the side of the house we entered a large back yard centered with a waterfall, stream, and pond, all hand dug. This is a garden created by the owner/gardener, not a landscape designer. I like that. 
 Lots of folks have found places in their yards for small vegetable plots this year. 

 Mary's garden contains many wonderful Japanese maples.

 Mary commented from her perch on high. 
 Along the other side of the house. 

 And back to the front. Signs along the way directed us to mostly one way traffic to accommodate distancing.

We enjoyed our tour of this garden very much. 


  1. What a fantastic garden!!! I would LOVE one like that. I dream of eliminating the majority of the grass and replacing with flowers and veggies.

  2. Those Daisies are new to me. Very pretty. The whole garden is lovely and like you I prefer gardens that reflect the owner, not some landscape company.

  3. It's always amazing what people can do with gardening.

  4. I love this garden! Those Asiatic lilies are gorgeous, along with the daisies. And such a beautiful place at this time of the year. Thank you so much for the delightful pictures. :-)

  5. wow love the colors just beautiful...

  6. What a lovely garden. My what work they put into it. Loved the creek water feature.

  7. What a beautiful garden. I especially loved the Asiatic lilies - they were my mom's favorite. The burnt red and bronze lily photo is especially striking.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. You are fortunate to have such beauty to visit. Asiatic lilies are among my favorites.

  9. I need to actully study gardens when touring. Need to look for bones and structure and texture...etc.!!

  10. What a lovely garden, those lilies are so pretty! :)

  11. What fun. Definitely a labor of love. You can feel it. The lilies in these parts didn't do so well this year. Something about the weather I would imagine. I even had my lilies fenced this year and they didn't show much. Some didn't even develop buds. This has been some year.

  12. What a beautiful garden and certainly a labor of love. I would like it too

  13. I love how you can go garden touring like this, even during COVID times. The colors of those lilies are stunning.


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