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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend marked passages.

The weekend began for us on Thursday evening, as we celebrated with Jill and the grand kids the end of the school year, virtual as it was, and the beginning of summer break. We invited them over for a visit and for ice cream sundaes. They would begin their summer adventures Sunday morning with a flight to Colorado to see the other grandparents.
Friday, Juneteeth, was a quiet day for us, but an important day for many in our city, state, and nation. It was also the last day of spring. Spring 2020 has been momentous, one for the history books, what with the pandemic and new awareness of the history of race in our country. For many of us the learning curve has been steep. We can only hope that positive change will come of it.

On Saturday we passed into summer. There was some rain and then some sun as we drove north to Whidbey Island. It had been our intention to visit some open gardens, but the ferry service was down to one boat so the wait was long. I had plenty of time to read the paper, my book, and take a little walk about.

Finally at the cabin, we happily settled for a good visit with son Jake, who was staying at the cabin for the weekend, and some time to spruce up the cabin garden.

Mid afternoon we decided not to spend the time waiting for a return ferry and took the long and lovely drive up island, across the bridge, and back down I-5. Instead of spending three hours waiting, we spent three hours sightseeing and enjoying the drive. First we stopped at Bayview Garden Center, where we enjoyed browsing, and bought a few plants. They always have wonderful displays there. 
Dinner was a road stop at a Subway sandwich shop, where we actually got to eat inside. 

Sunday, Father's Day, was Tom's choice, since no fathering was actually involved. He chose to go north to Mulbak's Nursery, where we had a gift card to spend. We had received the card last summer and hadn't yet made the trip up to Woodinville. We took the fast way up. We had been required to make reservations so the nursery could control how many people would be there at once. We arrived at 10:30 and were allowed an hour. 

We spent it easily, looking at everything. We spent most of the gift card too, which turned out to be a very generous one. We bought more plants.

Then we took the slow way home, along country roads and through small towns. Near Carnation, we stopped at Remlinger Farms to get a few freshly picked local strawberries. 
This is a big touristy place with wonderful landscaping.
We noticed lots of cars out across a field where the U-Pick strawberry field was. Having picked strawberries every summer through my entire childhood, I have no need to ever pick my own again, unless they are in my own garden. 
 I don't need to make jam either, or freeze any. We just bought two pints to eat right away. There will be strawberries for dessert tonight. 
And cherries for lunch tomorrow. 

I think Father Tom is happy with his weekend. I know I am. And now we move into summer.

What will it hold for us? It might be a bumpy ride. Hold on to what's dear. And your health!


  1. I hope that things open up during the summer and that we don't have to do any lock down again.

  2. The lavender ( at the cabin) is wonderful! It is obviously very happy. That dark poppy is also a striking colour.
    We've been eating a lot of strawberries too. No cherries yet but hopefully soon.

  3. Happy Father's Day to Tom! Your gardens at the cottage are beautiful, those Poppies are amazing:)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend -- such a beautiful area.

  5. I love your cabin garden so much, but the entire array of pictures is delightful. I'm so glad Tom had such a nice Father's Day. You had a lot to do with it. :-)

  6. So glad Tom had the Father's day of his choice. I can see where a gift card to a nursery is the perfect gift for you two.
    I had to laugh at that one bird that really took social distancing seriously.

  7. lovely cool activities-what a treat to go along with you. Hubby is getting tired of summer and it's only beginning with 105 degrees today. Wish we had a cabin nearby to go to...

  8. I love special occasions around your home, they are always extra special! Love seeing the family. The flowers at the cabin are just beautiful. How do you sleep at night after looking at so many pretty things? I would probably lie awake thinking about it all. :)

  9. It sounds like a wonderful full day.

  10. Lucky you getting together with your family this weekend. I am amazed that you can keep up with two gardens. Both are so beautiful.

  11. Those other grandparents are brave to meet up with grandchildren that have been on a plane!!

  12. It certainly sounds like it was a very happy Father’s Day for Tom. I love that you’re able to have your family with you.


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