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Friday, June 12, 2020

Rainy Days

It's Friday, but there is no joy it it being the end of the work week. I guess maybe that's because I don't go to work anymore, or maybe because the rain won't stop and I want to go outside. My kitchen table bouquet does make me happier. I picked the roses and peonies after the rain stopped yesterday.

Yesterday I had my spine MRI. It was all fine, except that my shoulder hurt. It seems that when I fell last week I damaged my shoulder more than I thought I did. Help! I'm falling apart. 

This morning we had our bi-weekly Zoom meet up with our breakfast group. The conversation included the latest news on schools, of course. Our State Superintendent of Schools has announced that schools will open in September, that everyone will wear masks, and that each district or location will have to manage any special circumstances. More is to be determined. As retired teachers, we're all really  glad we don't have to figure it out.

Later I tried to play a DVD about hip replacement that my medical providers sent me. What a comedy of errors. We bought new computers - a desk top and a lap top- last December. We had yet to try to play a DVD. Neither is equipped with a DVD player, but we have an external one. It turns out we had to shop for an app for the DVD player and eventually we stumbled along until we found a free one. Then we had to figure out how to find it buried in the computer and finally get it to play the DVD. Persistence payed off again. But it all left me feeling rather inept. 

Now I have completed my workout on the stationary bike out in the garage and I have a little time until I have to start dinner. What seems like an empty day at the beginning always gets filled up.

We sure are missing regular programming and sports on TV though, and there are no new movie releases. We stay busy during the day and we like to relax and be entertained in the evenings. We are managing to fill some of the evening hours with stuff on Netflix. I guess we could have much worse problems. 


  1. You are keeping very active so that you an have spare time in the evening. I hope the hip replacement gets going and goes well.

  2. I'm glad the MRI is done, and that you will continue to get good care. I know what you mean about falling apart. Me, too! I had my wellness visit with the doctor, and she is concerned about some of my blood work. She wants me to see a hematologist. I guess we've reached the age when we can no longer take good health for granted. Love your beautiful bouquet, though. :-)

  3. We go on the web to this location: for movies and series to watch. Does this work for you?

  4. Know what you mean about Fridays and weekends when not working. They have lost a lot of their excitement and draw. Really miss decent TV with ballgames and such. Hope that problem they found with your shoulder is fixable. Yep, we have reached the patch, patch, patch stage.

    1. Oh, my shoulder isn't even in the mix yet. We're just dealing with hip and spine. Knee and other hip will be somewhere down the line, maybe after heart valve. I have always been an active person. This is crazy, and disturbing.

  5. So far I am fortunate to have pretty good health even though I eat poorly. For the past few months I have been listening to Dr. Steven Gundry's Plant Paradox book on tape - over and over again whenever I am in my car. At first I thought he was a bit nuts and egotistical. But repetition made the information sink in. The later chapters go into the solutions and tips. Our diets and modern foods are killing us. What we think are healthy (i.e. multi grains, new health fads, etc.) are not. Sugar and especially fructose (fruit sugars) are the worse. His premise is that if our digestive system is out of whack because of what we are eating, our whole body goes out of whack. Even things such as joint replacement, heart disease, dementia, etc.

    One of the supplements that he believes is very necessary is vitamin D. I already was taking mine with vitamin K2 with the goal of reaching 100 ng/mL. There are pages and pages of more supplements and dos and don'ts so I pick and choose what I can do. I am at the age when I know I need to make changes in my life so I can live strong and healthy. I will, one little step at a time.

    I really hope you get strong again. I enjoy your garden and ventures a lot.

  6. Beautiful flowers, glad you figured out your dvd-we went through that also and have an external DVD-it is a pain-technology is always changing! Sorry to hear of your fall, yes we are falling apart as we age-shouldn't be surprised but it is! Guess it's a luxury to be bored but at least we have homes, food and freedom to do what we want.

  7. I always feel like a dunce when trying to figure out how to do something on the computer. All I do is very simple.
    I am also at that stage where my body is telling me to do things different or it will be sore and cross with me. I hate it when I have been incapacitated from time to time. It takes so much longer to recuperate. Hang in there. I too miss the sports on tv. Mindless entertainment.

  8. Such a pretty bouquet! Getting older sucks ...especially when parts fail. Do the best you can everyday:)

  9. I very much love your flower arrangement. So glad MRI went ok too. Getting entertainment here is no bad as there are many platforms. The other day I watched an old Julia Child cooking episode and was laughing. Cooks today have a very different supply of foods.

  10. When I first looked at your floral arrangements, I thought they were silk flowers because they looked so perfect. But wow! They are absolutely gorgeous. So glad the MRI turned out well. I'm well aware how easy it is to get hurt. Please take good care of yourself.


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