Thursday, June 3, 2021

I Don't Know what It Was, But It Wasn't Nice

I almost never get sick. At first I didn't think I was sick this time either. 

Saturday we went garden touring in the morning and into the afternoon, and we grabbed some granola bars to keep us going. One stop gave out cookies. Tom ate his and I saved mine. 

When we finally got home, about 2:30, I ate my regular lunch of an apple, yogurt, and almonds. Then I had my cookie with coffee. When my stomach complained, I just figured I had over done it and was unhappy with myself. But the gas and the cramps didn't go away and persisted into Sunday. We made it to the Sounders match Sunday evening but I felt tired and my tummy was grumbly. 

Monday it was worse. Severe cramps, weakness, and other nasty issues. I was thinking I had really messed myself up when Tom began to have symptoms. Well, then, OK, I guess I caught a bug of some kind. 

Now it's Thursday. Tom escaped my more severe symptoms but he is still feeling tired and short of energy. My symptoms are moderating. I hope it's going away. Whatever it was, it was not nice.

I managed a few small projects outside during the week, but it got hot, 85, which is hot for us. Most of us wilt here when it's over 80. I did manage to walk out to the street in the morning to get the newspaper and in the evening to get the mail.

I noticed how pretty this self sown white fox glove was in the corner of the shed. The yellow columbine planted themselves too. 

This is my route, around the corner of the garage and through the gate to walk out the long driveway to the street. There are things to notice, even when one feels yucky.

The tomatoes along the side of the garage are growing well.

I managed to get a new flag put out by the front steps.

The Korean Dogwood is blooming on the far front corner of the house. It is especially pretty from my upstairs window, where I am right now. 

Welsh poppies plant themselves wherever they want. This orange one is especially jolly by the front steps. 
The golden hop has made it all the way to the top of the gate and is still going. 
Self sown Sisyrinchium is blooming on the wall along the driveway. It isn't much of a flower, but I like saying its name. 

Coming back I get this pretty peek-a-boo view of the back yard. 

Tom's colorful foliage pot hangs on the corner of the house, over the patio, and right by the back door of the garage, where I can appreciate it. 
I didn't venture far out of the shade for the last few days, but I can enjoy these places from my daily walk to the mail box and from my chair on the patio during a slow, lazy lunch. Hopefully, by today, I can enjoy my lunch a bit more.

On the patio a container plant called Purple Heart has started to bloom, perhaps a little reward for prevailing through this current unpleasantness.  


  1. Sorry you've been sick. Your pictures are still awesome. Love all the volunteer flowers.

  2. You and Tom must have picked something up, that's for sure. I'm glad you're both on the mend.
    Your yard is so pretty. I love the yellow Columbines...and all the other lovely blooms. Tom's colourful foliage pot looks great!!

  3. Good that things are improving and I hope they continue to improve. It's not nice to feel lousy.

  4. A stomach bug (if that's what is was) is such a miserable thing to go through. Glad you are feeling better. Your volunteer plants sure picked the best spots to grow and bloom so pretty. Your tomato plants do look nice and healthy. It would be a treat wo walk any of the paths in your pretty yard. Hope you and Tom both feel much better today.

  5. None of that sounded fun and just glad you are on the mend. Your place is always so pretty and one forgets that it takes a lot of work for it to look so good.
    Loved the Welsh Poppies and like that they plant themselves. My kind of plant.

  6. You definitely picked up something, glad to hear you're feeling some better. Your walk is lovely and full of surprises (for us) at every turn. So very lovely!

  7. Sorry you and Tom were sick. It sounds like norovirus, which spreads really easily, especially by touch. I read there was an outbreak of it in Shoreline, which I know isn't that near to you, but it might be making the rounds. The garden looks lovely, hope you're both feeling much better now.

  8. I also wondered about norovirus, which is making headlines in different parts of our area. And I love the pretty white foxglove especially! :-)

  9. Hope you are feeling 100% soon! You still manage to share your wonderful garden with us, thank you!

  10. That sounds terrible. Glad you're better! I have a Korean dogwood too, not as pretty as that one. (but blooming nicely)

  11. sorry to hear you aren't feeling well-hopefully it will be gone soon. lovely yard!

  12. All your plants looks amazing. You can easily see how you’ll be harvesting tons of tomatoes this summer.
    I wonder what bug it was that got the both of you. That is really weird. I’m glad you both recovered without too much difficulty though.

  13. Hope you have recovered by now, sounds like you picked up a nasty bug.


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