Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A Memorial, and a Memorable Bloom

 Some time ago, shortly after my sister Ilene passed away, our friend Jan gave us a gift card to a favorite garden center in order to pick out some kind of a memorial piece for our garden. 

Finally a week ago we went shopping. We are not adding plants to our garden now, so we thought of something decorative. Ilene loved her flowers and the birds and bees and butterflies they attracted. We decided on this glass bowl/birdbath and pedestal.

Then we needed to decide where to put it. I wanted to see it when I sit on the patio. I wanted to protect it as much as possible by discouraging a certain cat from jumping up into it.
I decided it could rise above our collection of succulents and spiny plants, especially right over that wicked Agave. 
I love how it plays happily with all of the colors of the plants and pots.
I don't know it the birds will find or use it, but I can go out to my garden and snip a flower to float in it and exchange a few thoughts with and about my sister. I miss her. 

Then as for that memorable bloom - the Voodoo Lily is blooming, and with that color and that stink, it is unforgettable. 

I counted eight blooms, but there might be more. With the heat we're having they are coming and going fast. I guess that's a good thing, since the smell is like rotten meat,
and they attract flies.
But with that color and exotic shape they are so beautiful. 

I wonder if Ilene would have liked them. 


  1. That is a beautiful birdbath...perhaps butterflies will puddle in it! It is a perfect addition! That Lily is amazing!

  2. The bird bath is absolutely beautiful. What a nice remembrance of your sister.
    As for those flowers, I think I am happy to see them in pictures instead of in real life!

  3. great placement, we had to remove water from our bird bath when a resident hawk took it over.

  4. Such a beautiful birdbath and safely put where Charlie can't get to any visitors. As for that plant, boy does it have a lot going against it. Smell, flies--like Olga, pictures are as close as I want to get.

  5. A Voodoo Lily was planted by some creature in the Juanita Wildlife Park in Kirkland several years ago - I counted 10 blooms the other day. I don't walk close enough to smell it so it is a wonderful thing to me.

  6. Beautiful bird bath and flower! Ilene would have appreciated both.

  7. What a lovely bird bath! Hopefully the placement keeps the certain cat out of it. The Voodoo lily is gorgeous but I'm glad there is no way to smell it through the computer. :)

  8. That is a really lovely birdbath. I don't know if your sister would have loved the lily, but I'm sure she would have loved the setting, and the remembering. Thank you for sharing; I'm glad I don't have to smell that plant, though, :-)

  9. What a great gift remembrance - so lovely and permanent. I don't think I could handle your voodoo flowers - though they are striking. Smelling and fly attracting is not my cup of tea. I just got a couple of nepenthes plants that "eat" flies and other bugs. It is such a thrill when it captures one and traps it with its trap door.

  10. The birdbath is so pretty and just the perfect memorial piece for Ilene. That VooDoo Lily is the most amazing thing. It almost looks like something made from cloth especially the pink part. It's really beautiful.

  11. Great location for the lovely new birdbath surrounded by nice pokey plants to discourage a certain visitor.

  12. It is a good idea for your sister remembering.
    And birds and butterflies will come.
    Your plant I strange I have never seen such a plant that does not smell nice! We

  13. Wow! I’ve never heard of a Voodoo lily but it sure does have a strikingly exotic color and shape. You have the MOST amazing garden! I’m so sorry for the pain of your loss, Linda. That glass dish is so pretty. What a perfect way to remember your much loved sister.


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