Friday, June 18, 2021

Grandpa's Hired Help

 For reasons I have now explained, I am not much help with the heavy work in our yard anymore. 

It was time to trim the holly hedge and pillars in our yard. Last year Tom asked Isaac to help. This year Isaac has is own job, so Grandpa asked Irene to help. 

I was a little worried about it, but Irene was willing. The job involves using a hedge shears to trim the walls and top of the hedge and several other trees and pillars. In some places it calls for a tall ladder, and sometimes a ladder holder is required. The trimmings are then pushed under the hedge or pillars. It is not a fun job, as I can personally attest. 

Irene showed up early for the agreed upon 9:00 start. She was wearing long sleeves, but short shorts because it was supposed to get hot. Well, that wouldn't do, since, well, holly is sticky stuff. I found a pair of jeans of Tom's that she could wear, and a belt to cinch them up. She checked herself out and decided they would do. After all, she wasn't going to be in public. Sixteen-year-olds do care about such things. 

She was also glad no one would see her floppy hat. That is the same hat I wore when I was holding the ladder in past years when holly trimmings would rain down on my head. It is good for keeping stuff from falling in your face or down the back of your neck. It is pretty ugly, but the funny thing is, it is a Martha Stewart hat. I got it as a free gift when I subscribed to her magazine some years back.  

This was the last pillar they did. Irene did the lower work and Tom went up the ladder while Irene held it.

OK, Grandpa, how does it look? Tom said she was very skilled at shearing straight sides. 

I pretty much stayed away, doing some work in the vegetable/cutting garden and then going grocery shopping. We had lunch together on the patio.

They put in four hours of work together and got the front side of the hedge done plus all of the high ladder stuff.

We still have the back side, the neighbor's side of the hedge to do, but there is a wall to stand on over there, and the clean up doesn't involve much bending and stooping, so I am planning to help with that. 

Irene was a great help, Tom and his granddaughter got some      bonding time, and of course we paid her. Four hours of work at our minimum wage, $15 an hour, gave her a nice handful of cash. She really liked that. 


  1. I think it's a nice hat! I would never think of Martha Stewart wearing it, but what do I know? I'm so glad that Irene is willing to help and earn a little $$. :-)

  2. This is definitely a WIN WIN! How wonderful to have Irene helping and spending time with her grandparents. This is so precious! I know how much work it takes to keep your garden looking so awesome. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself, Linda. And I agree with DJan. The hat is 😊 great.

  3. Irene's outfit doesn't look too bad at all. I'm glad she was willing to help and like you say, spend some bonding time with Grandpa. We're also at the stage where we need help and our sons do what they can. Youngest son is the most available and is always willing to help for which we are so thankful.

  4. It's good that you have great help nearby. It's also a good thing that kids get exposed to some work experiences.

  5. how fun to have help, I'd sure like to hire someone to clean my house but hubby doesn't like that idea...he's a great cleaner if I can get him interested. usually all I have to do is start and he's there to help but my energy level is low these days and it's 109 degrees out and 80 inside with the AC. Not time for spring cleaning-I missed!

  6. Know what you mean. I have reached the stage when I need to hire some of the work done. So great that you have Irene to jump right in. Tom must be a bit shocked that his grandchild can now wear his clothes. They grow fast don't they.

  7. It sounds like a good opportunity for Irene to earn some cash and spend time with her grandparents and a great help for you and Tom. Definitely win/win.

  8. It sounds like a win for everyone!

  9. A good day for all! Having 4 young children was very difficult when they were young. The turning point was when they were all old enough to be helpful - the day I realized that was when I came home with a trunk load of stuff from Costco, I called them all out, and they carried the goods into the house. From that day on, they became my helpers, though I didn't pay them for it. They are now adults and still help, with just a bit of nagging.

  10. I love teaching youngsters about plants and putting them to work! I think Irene's outfit is cute!

  11. Oh, my first thought when I saw Irene in the hat and jeans was, how adorable she looks. She is such a pretty girl. How neat to have a job with grandpa. Bet she learned a lot too. Hopefully she will love gardening like you and Tom do.


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