Monday, June 28, 2021


 These geraniums usually live out in front of the house in the sun. Not now. They are in tubs of water in the shade.

The good news is the forecast for today is a high of 109, not 111 or 115 as previously forecast. 

The bad news is that our air conditioner quit. The further bad news is that I just got a call to let me know that the AC repair man won't be coming today as scheduled due to the extreme heat. Well, OK then. 

Box fans are roaring inside wherever I choose to sit. Moving air helps. I have been sleeping, such as it is, on the hide-a-bed downstairs because the upstairs is way too hot for me. Downstairs reached 85 yesterday and I don't like to think of what it will be today. 

We usually get evening cooling and overnight relief, but the low last night was 74, which lasted for a few minutes at 6:00 this morning.

Tom is out right now looking for a filter for our refrigerator ice maker. It quit too. We think it's because we haven't changed the filter in who knows how long. I hope that's all it is.

I also hope that's all that will be going wrong.

A hot wind is blowing. Ordinarily we would call it a breeze, but not today. I sure hope no one is going to get crazy with fireworks.

Many of you live with this summer heat much of the time. We don't and we are not equipped. This is record breaking for us, and it's still June!

It still looks very inviting out there, but it isn't. We will have a lot of heat stressed plants, even with the watering system working. PNW plants aren't used to this heat either. 

We will be OK. We will get through this and have "remember when" stories. It's supposed to be only 90 tomorrow. :-/

Unless this is the new normal. OMG!


  1. you have my sympathy, without AC, it's impossible to live with extreme heat unless you have a basement.

  2. I feel your pain. It must be horrible. 100 in anyplace is difficult. Hopefully this will be a once in a lifetime thing for you. We usually get a few 100 days through out the summer. It really makes you appreciate those 80s. Hang in there Linda. You and the garden will survive.

  3. Sure hope it is not your new normal. Hope you get your ac fixed incase the Heat Dome recurs:( Stay cool!

  4. Oh no. Here I was thinking you were just fine with an A/C. Ouch, sure hope you get it fixed soon and that the heat moderates dramatically. Take care.

  5. I certainly don't like heat . we are much cooler than you. I'll be glad when it's over.

  6. Sorry your A/C quit. I certainly hope that this is a rare occurrence and not our new normal! If it is 2/3 of my perennials would have to go.

  7. It must feel like being in an oven! We are hot here at 80° but we have tradewinds and I have my air conditioning. Our humidity is high but I still water twice a day in the summer.

    I had better check on my daughter in Seattle. Poor thing must be wilting - and she is 6 months pregnant! I hope she isn't doing her normal busy things and just chilling out.

  8. It's always at times like this when the air goes out for many people making it difficult to even get a repair man out. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. Have you seen the cooling neck wraps you can buy? I doubt if you could find them locally due to the heat there but amazon does have them. Even when you get your air repaired you could use the wraps when you are out in the yard.

    If it gets too bad you could spend the day at the library or a shopping center. I sure hope you get your a/c repaired soon!

  9. It got up to 90 inside our apartment yesterday, and I kept walking out to the front porch hoping for some relief in the shade. None to be had. With the fans blowing on us, we were able to deal with the heat unless we decided to move. I read a book on my Kindle and stayed hunkered down. Today feels better, it's 66 outside! Yay!

  10. Too bad about the A/C breaking down. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  11. OH, DEAR, isn't that always the way. Stay safe in that heat. Maybe , like the geraniums, setting yourself in a bucket of water might help a little. It's has been really strange to see those temps in your area and into Canada.

  12. We've been hearing on the news about the hot weather you're having. Sure hope you get relief soon. It's miserable, and I can only imagine not having the air conditioner. You and Tom take care.


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