Saturday, June 19, 2021

Flowers For Father's Day


There are roses on our kitchen table this weekend. They came from our garden. 

June is a month of flower abundance and lushness. Here's some of what is erupting in our garden. 

We got the edges all trimmed again last week.

This bed in the lower yard erupts in June. 

Not all of our flowers are plants, but they are all planted. They are our creations as well. 

The stinky Voodoo lily is ready to open up. 

We'll be up early on Father's Day to try to get the hedge trimming done before it gets too hot. Then we will probably just wilt for the rest of the day. We spent good time with our kids and grandkids recently, so no celebration is planned. 

I hope you are having a good last weekend of Spring. Summer officially starts Sunday evening. Our first day of summer is forecast to be hot. 

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads.


  1. Always amazed by your lush garden. Happy Father's day and first day of summer to Tom. Take a rest fellow and just enjoy the results of all your hard work.

  2. That's an amazing bouquet taken from your own yard. After that it's wall to wall blooms in your yard.

  3. Everything looks so beautiful and lush. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

  4. So incredibly beautiful! Thanks for all the columbine closeups, too. Happy Father's Day to Tom! :-)

  5. I always enjoy seeing your garden. Do you have to put your voodoo lily into the greenhouse during winter or can it survive your winters?
    Happy Father's Day Tom.

    1. The voodoo lily is a hardy perennial here. It dies down to the ground and leaves no visible sign, and then pops back up in the spring. It also multiplies and forms a rather large club.

  6. You make the loveliest bouquets!! I tend to stick my flowers in a vase and hope for the best.
    Your yard is so lovely especially in June.

  7. Nice flowers and plants. It was nice of Irene to help Tom with the hedge trimming.

  8. Your gardens are beautiful and I love your header.
    And Irene is a wonderful helper.

  9. What a lovely garden that changes and keeps growing...we are about done with blooms now oleander and roses done but a crepe myrtle is blooming. Not much but anything green is appreciated when it's 106+ degrees!

  10. The roses are so big and beautiful and you are so good at arranging flowers. Your yard is amazing.

  11. Such a wonderful garden! Edging the yard really makes it better - like putting a mat board and frame on a painting.

  12. Lovely arrangement and such beautiful gardens! :)

  13. I just love looking at your garden, Linda and Tom. You have so many incredibly beautiful flowers. I love how your magical glass flowers enhances the natural beauty of its surroundings.


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