Friday, June 25, 2021

Whidbey Vacation

 Several month ago we looked at our Whidbey Island family cabin reservation calendar and decided if we wanted any time there we had better grab the few days left in June. This is a multiple family cabin and is very well used by all of the cousins. We have always made sure that the families with kids and working family members get their week in the summer and we retired folks can use it during the school year and work weeks. 

When we signed up for Wednesday through Sunday of this week, our Sounders Season Tickets were still on hold as the stadium had not yet opened to spectators. That changed and we had two home matches scheduled for this week. We decided to sell our Wednesday tickets and go to Whidbey when we could.  We would come home for the Saturday match.

We arrived late morning on Wednesday to overcast skies, but mild temps. We raised our flags, Sounders this time. By afternoon everything was blue.

We spent some time in the afternoon working in the garden, and then took it easy. At 7:00 we watched the Sounders on TV, where I could sit downstairs in the cabin and be distracted from the soccer match by eagles circling over the lagoon. 

Thursday we kept busy finishing the yard work and doing some cleaning in the kitchen before taking the afternoon to settle into lazy mode. We walked over to the beach in the coolness of the evening and when I saw these wispy clouds, I was pretty sure there was going to be a colorful sunset. 
Mt Rainier lit up as the sun went down.
We stayed outside and then got to visiting with neighbors, when I noticed what was happening in the sky. 
Over the lagoon.
Over the bay.

And then it just got better and better.

Now it's Friday afternoon. We took our yard waste to the recycle station and then did some shopping for things the cabin needed, plus a few groceries. 

The summer garden will begin to dry up now, especially since the weather is heating up. Severe heat warnings are being issued. We are at 84 here on the island, but the cool breeze will moderate that by evening. On the mainland the forecast is for 99 tomorrow and 106 for Sunday, with 109 for Monday. That is way beyond record breaking.

We will be going home tomorrow as planned but not to go to the Sounders match. We sold those tickets too. But we have plants that will need to be rescued, and we do have air conditioning at home. We'll be hunkering down to beat the heat.


  1. You really nailed the sunset. It just kept on giving and giving more photo opps.

  2. Gorgeous sunset and bay views! Enjoy the A/C! None of us PNW residents look forward to 90+ temperatures, and 100+ is unheard of! Sleeping in the basement here for the next few days for sure!

  3. That looks like a nice get away -- ocean air for a few days!

  4. glad you have AC at home, beautiful sunsets...

  5. Wow, I'm sure there were some happy sailors with that amazing sky. So glad you have A/C for the coming heat wave. Triple digits in Washington?? Mercy. You may have neighbors knocking on your door wanting in. Stay cool.

  6. I can't believe that Seattle can get hot! Glad you have air conditioning. When San Francisco had 100+ degree weather a few years ago, my son would sit in his car to escape the heat since the house did not have AC. He now has a window unit just in case it gets too hot again.

    In 2000, my son began college at UW and I went up with him in September, waved farewell, and then went to a 4 day polymer clay class at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island. People told me it was an Indian summer and it was perfect in every sense. Cool sunny days. I still remember the sunsets - so incredibly beautiful. I always thought that we had the most beautiful sunsets here in Hawaii, but the ones on Whidbey Island beat out ours.

  7. We don't have a/c but it's not as horrible as I feared, although it's 92 outside already. Here In Bellingham! And at least two more days to go after today. I love your beautiful sunset pictures, Linda. That's a good picture of you, too. :-)

  8. The cloud pictures are amazing!!! And the lavender is gorgeous. Mine is coming along too. As soon as my camera arrives I'll take pictures before the heat decimates everything. We don't have central A/C, only a couple of window units and a portable one on the porch. If this is our new normal things may have to change.
    Once it cools down tonight I'll go out and water the Astilbes and Hydrangeas. Take care.

  9. Your sunset clouds we oh so beautiful! Hope you stay cool! Those temperatures sound awful:( Hope they don't come this way:(

  10. Gorgeous sunset! I don't blame you for staying indoors during the heat wave. It won't get nearly that hot here and my plans echo yours.

  11. Gorgeous photos of your amazing skies, Linda. We have friends who just left for Seattle today and I’m seeing some astonishingly hot temperatures forecasted for your area. I hope you’re able to stay cool. Your garden is absolutely thriving.


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