Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Relief! And a Few Problems Fixed.

 The wind direction switched last night, and the high pressure moved out and coastal air moved in. By midnight it began to cool off and by this morning it was down to 66 outside. We had fans going to blow the cool air in and the hot air out. We were greatly relieved.

The high today was 84, more than twenty degrees cooler than yesterday's high of 108. It might actually be cloudy for a while tomorrow morning.

The new filter fixed the refrigerator ice maker. :-)

Our TV screen began to darken at the top. I went on line, found a fix, and now the TV is fixed. :-)

The furnace/heat pump/air conditioner service man came this afternoon. He analyzed the problem. It's complicated. It will need a part which has been ordered. We will have to wait for the part. It is all going to be expensive. The AC is not fixed. :-(  But eventually it will be. All it takes is time and money.:-/

I got up early enough to do my hour of physical therapy this morning before our 9:30 Zoom meeting. Then I went outside to do some work in the coolness of the morning.

I deadheaded the roses. They are  fine but we missed the early flush of blooms.

Most plants are OK but there are crispy bits here and there. 

I cleaned up the patio, blowing away all of the hot wind debris and cleaning off the tables and chairs. Tom and I had lunch on the patio. Very pleasant. 

After the service man left and we had the laundry all folded and put away and I caught up on your blogs, I spent some time here reading. 

This evening Tom removed all the fried flowers from the fuchsia basket and hung it back up on the front of the house. 

I walked around the now shady yard looking for new stuff. I found the first Sweet Pea bloom

There are zinnias blooming.
Looks like it's going to be time to start picking raspberries. 
The hummingbirds found the first Corcosmia Lucifer blooms. The hummers were focused, unlike my photo. 
The hardy fuchsia in the front yard that was all wilty had recovered, with a few shots of extra water. 
The tomatoes have grown another foot.
In the greenhouse, which got very, very hot, the peppers, sitting in their saucers of water, grew tall and are setting peppers.

And I have been posting this on my desk top, which is upstairs, where it is still warmer than I like. My sweaty brow is telling me it's time to seek a cooler location downstairs. We'll let the box fans take care of the upstairs so I can sleep in my bed tonight. 


  1. Glad to hear that cooler days are back. Extreme heat makes me grouchy.

  2. Love your garden flowers, ours are spoiled by the rain! But I don’t complain compared to the hot weather you’re have at the moment!
    Take good care.

  3. it is a challenge, we were 101 then got some monsoon clouds and it cooled down. Thankful for our AC which we had serviced early-only cost $500 but well worth it! Looks like your garden tomatoes and peppers are loving the heat! Stay cool!

  4. I read that the temperature in Seattle plummeted more than 50 degrees overnight! We are in heaven here, with the weather much more livable. Sorry to hear your a/c fix will be expensive. But so worth it; I wish we had it. We survived the intense heat with fans.

  5. Phew, perhaps the worst is over and life will get good again. At least the nights are cooler and that is vital. Looks like you and your plants have survived to bloom another day. Amen.

  6. Glad to hear there is some relief. Seems that tomatoes and peppers appreciated some heat (and extra water).

  7. It's hard to say if the heat has damaged plants. We still have another hot day before things cool a bit. The red beetle larvae really did a number on my tiger lilies.

  8. I’ve wondered how your garden was fairing in the heat. Thanks for the update. I’m sorry about the A/C. I’m a bit surprised you could get anyone out.

    Take care.

  9. Hummingbirds are checking out our Crocosmia daily but so far no buds have opened. It is so much cooler today and such a relief. Sorry you will have to wait for your A/C to be fixed.

  10. Too bad that the a/c is still not fixed. But, it is good that the outside temperature is cooler than before.

  11. Oh my gosh to have so many things going wrong in this record breaking heat. I have never been so hot. My daughter and SIL cam over for another week----way way too hot in Ritzville. They brought their horses and dogs again. /so neat to see and visit them. We live in the woods well 15,000 acres of woods to ride in. So they did. They went home today. I lost a few annuals to the heat and early Spring we bought three young Rhododendrons and although they got lots of burned foliage I think they will make it---their roots were well watered.
    We got a little drizzle over night and today is ONLY 72f. Love it!! Do not love 109 degrees.
    Take care

  12. You are cooler again! Good to hear some things were fixed. We are getting a new Central Air system soon, last winter we got the furnace now for the central air. For the past 22 years we have had a wall unit and it keeps the house cool but I am certain it will conk out one day soon when it is the hottest! No and nothing is cheap anymore. Hopefully your plants will all recover....it is hard to keep everything watered. :)


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