Wednesday, June 9, 2021

An English Cottage?

 The final garden on the Tacoma tour of May 29-30 belongs to Bob and Natalie Findlay. Bob assured me that Natalie is the garden designer and perfectionist primper, while he does the heavy lifting.  Natalie concurred that she is a fussy gardener. The attention to detail shows.

The Findlays began creating their garden as it is now in 1995, constructing terraces and planting beds, and providing lots of seating areas to enjoy the garden views. They named their home Quail Cottage.

Does this garden have a bit of English charm? You decide. 

The covered walkway leads from the garage to the side entrance of the house and on to the back yard. 

The back of the garage. The structures form a courtyard in front of the house completely hidden from the street. 
Seating is provided if you can wait to see what's next. 

Tom took time to smell the roses. 

A hedge with a view. This is the south Tacoma Narrows, where Puget Sound narrows down before spreading out again on its way to Olympia. 

Very tidy for the way less traveled. The course of gravel seemed precisely placed. And again you could find a place to linger.

Back in the front garden, and one more chance to sit and appreciate, especially with the Beauty Bush and red Rhodie in full bloom. 

English or not, it's a pert and pretty northwest garden. 


  1. I didn't get an English Garden feel...well maybe the moss between the pathway blocks and the trimmed shrubs. I always think of an English Garden as full and flowing from one huge plant to another with lots of different colors!

  2. Charming. Many ideas using succulents. Colorful. I'd love to sit in any of those chairs and gaze upon the Sound.

    1. I agree it doesn't have quite the feel of an English cottage ... too neat, lots of windows.

  3. Never seen and English Garden so can't judge but this is a lovely garden. Those tall hedges left me in awe. I have enough trouble trimming shoulder high ones.

  4. This is better than an English garden - this is uniquely their own style!

  5. I think this is more dense than some of the gardens. The hedges are precisely trimmed.

  6. I have enjoyed all the gardens you have shared. I would love to cut a peep hole else where in that hedge to see the water. What a view.

  7. Very sweet garden with so many places to sit and enjoy!

  8. I have seen images of English gardens that feature very precisely trimmed hedges but I still think of English gardens as colorful flowers and a softer feel -- more informal cottage vibe than seen here. Still, this garden has its appeal.

  9. All in all I think this garden is full of charm. I like all the places where one can sit a while and just enjoy the surroundings.

  10. A very attractive cottage and garden, that's for sure.

  11. A little too formal to be an English cottage garden and yet a bit of cottage too. Very nice

  12. I like the way these gardens have little pockets of discovery. Wondering if your area is moving into natives more?

  13. Amazing to have such abundance of plants in an urban setting. Beautiful garden, and yes! it is just as I imagine an English garden should look. The view is stunning also!

  14. That is very impressive landscaping and a very lovely garden. I can just imagine how much work it takes to keep it looking that way.


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