Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Jill's Hawaiian Adventure

 As most of you know, my daughter Jill celebrated her 50th birthday with a diving trip to Hawaii. She is now back home and I resume she is back at work as an elementary PE teacher. She has shared photos and since some of you have asked to see pictures of her adventure, here we go.

She stayed in a hotel next to the dive shop and her diving was just off shore from Honolulu. 

The dive boat.
Under water they played with giant sea turtles, saw a shark, and lots of colorful fishes.

She spent time on the beach. She said the 70 degrees there felt very warm. It's been cold here. 

She visited some sights.

And she found some yummy food, including a free breakfast and Starbucks drink just like she has done for many previous birthdays.
Dole Whip - yes, she says she ate it all!

I haven't talked to her yet but it looks like she did a pretty good job of "hanging loose" 


  1. Looks like a great way to celebrate the half century mark! She looks fabulously fit and happy.

  2. I'm sure she can eat all of the treat because she wears it off quickly with all of her activity. I've been out on a sunset cruise in Honolulu - no under water adventures for me. The photo of the beach and buildings at night is spectacular!
    What a birthday to remember.

  3. Looks like your daughter had a wonderful vacation!

  4. What beautiful pictures! She is beautiful and looks happy and at peace!

  5. I have long wondered how Jill keeps herself so slim, with what she eats! :-)

  6. She thinks it is warm - we think it is chilly! Glad she got a lot out of her stay here.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
    I hope you are prepared for the 10th. I am going tomorrow at 11am and hope the road to Rouen be ok as there are big demonstrations and some roads will be blocked. See you soon!

  8. Looks like your daughter had a wonderful birthday! Thanks for sharing the pics. I've only been to Oahu once and loved it. Didn't spend much time in Honolulu, but loved the lava beaches and coves all around the island.

  9. Great! Terrific Hawaiian vacation.

  10. Happy Birthday Jill, looks like she celebrated in style!

  11. Oh my gosh! She did everything! Rabbit Island, Kailua, Blow Hole, Waikiki, and even doing the 'shaka sign.' Your Jill is absolutely amazing!


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