Sunday, March 5, 2023

The Cousin's Lunch, and Other Things

 According to my guests, our Cousin's lunch on Thursday was a big success. 

Two cousins, Kris and Susan, arrived early with their partners and while I was busy in the kitchen, they got right into catching up. Kris brought some China and glassware that belonged to our maternal grandmother, and Susan brought old photos. My sister Laurie arrived right on time and joined in.

Lunch was served on schedule at 12:30, and the talking and sharing stories continued through the soup and onto the cookies and coffee. 

Finally they all pitched in to clear the table and we girls spent time going over the treasures Kris and Susan brought. 

This is a photo of my grandfather's farm at haying time, located in the foothills on the east side of the Willamette Valley. 

These are his draft horses that pulled the farm equipment. 

These are Grandma's dishes. I am still working on trying to date them. None of us remember them. 

This is the house where I grew up. Over the years it was added on to as the family grew, but it started out as two rooms with on outhouse and no running water. Heat was a wood stove, as was the cook stove. 

Cousins and siblings: L to R - sisters Ilene and Laurie, cousin Wes, me, and cousin Susan.  It must have been a special day as we all were wearing pretty dresses.

I was very glad to be able to host this gathering. I kept the China and have found a place for it on my pantry shelves. There are enough plates that can, and will use it, most likely for Thanksgiving. 

Then I was tired. Saturday Tom and Irene went to the Sounders game while I stayed home and watched on TV. Another victory!

Jill is still in Hawaii, in Honolulu, where she has been diving and relaxing on the beach and she even found some free food for her birthday yesterday. I will probably have some photos for anther post later. She comes home tomorrow.

Tom leaves tomorrow for Whidbey Island and the San Juans to help move Jake to his new home and job on Whidbey Island.  I will be in quarantine except for a drive through COVID test on Tuesday. 

It's all coming together. 


  1. That China is incredibly beautiful! I'm so glad you will have it and use it on Thanksgiving. I also will be thinking of you as you finally get that (hopefully) last surgery behind you. You have been on my mind, wishing for really good outcomes all around. And again, happy birthday to Jill! :-)

  2. Good times with the relatives. Neat idea to bring an object to promote discussion.

  3. My sisters and cousins used to get together for a weekend once or twice a year for many years and we had such fun. But we're all older now and we don't live near each other so our visits are too few and far between now and COVID threw a real wrench to getting together! But I do send out a monthly email letter to everyone and they respond so we keep in touch that way. We're hoping to get together this summer.

  4. I love your old photos! I like very much souvenirs and things from the past, a long time ago I had a brocante shop and sold a lot of vintage China. Yours is very nice little treasure.

  5. The old photos are special, and the first one is simply of amazing quality. The china is very pretty too.
    Good luck with the prep for your upcoming surgery.

  6. Very pretty china! Love the old farm pictures too. I also like the idea of a cousins gathering. I may take that on this year, and have some inspiration and good ideas from your post. It is a lot of work for the host, but memorable for family.

  7. This is precious! Time with cousins was always so much fun over the years but I believe we have had the last of reunions some years ago. Death, disease, and dementia have all taken a terrible toll.

  8. I'll just bet that picture was taken on Easter Sunday! That is beautiful china. Family memories with family are really special.

  9. I think the China is absolutely beautiful. Congrats. Jill comes home today so she is missing the heavy rain that is soaking Oahu as I write. Glad she had a great time.

  10. You are the hostess with the mostest. Hope Jill gets home safe and dry. And best wishes on your upcoming surgery that will fix you up perfectly!

  11. Fun to see the old photos! So nice of your cousins to share! The dishes are beautiful, you will enjoy using them.


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