Wednesday, March 1, 2023



                                Hellebores in my garden s-l-o-w-l-y opening.

It's March, and while we prepare our minds for spring, the weather is not cooperating. It's still cold and the rain often looks more like snow, that is except when the snow is really snowing before it turns to rain. 

But spring will come. The first little daffodils are braving the weather to make their appearance. 

Tom and Jill made preparations on Sunday to get their tickets on their phones and then gear up for the Sounders match at the stadium. 

They both reported that it was very cold, but that their new hand warmers worked very well.

I was quite cozy watching at home. 

And we won!

Monday and Tuesday I had appointments, preparing for surgery. Monday I had a steroid injection in my already fixed hip to try to settle down the persistent tendinitis. I don't think it's working. On Tuesday we met with my orthopedic surgeon to get set up for surgery next week and we brought home a bag full of prescriptions. I'll have to make a chart to keep them  all straight. 

Today, Wednesday, we are prepping for our cousins lunch tomorrow. We made a trip to the grocery store for a few fresh ingredients and for flowers.

Now the flowers are arranged and the table is set. It looks like spring in my dining room, which will be a good thing as it will be cold and dark and rainy outside. 

I'll be making soup to warm us up, served with good bread and cheese and fruit. Tom will help. When the guests arrive I'll give them jobs too. 

And we'll make our own spring. 


  1. Your table looks festively springlike, no matter the view out the window.

  2. Lovely flowers! I hope all goes well with your surgery. I just had two cataract surgeries and I had to make a chart for the eyedrops (4 different ones!) to keep them all straight!

  3. What a beautiful table! I'm so glad the Sounders won, and that you are all ready for that surgery, It seems so far in the future, but here it is already! I am wishing it turns out the very best for you. :-)

  4. Your table looks beautiful. Are you sure you're not hurting your hip just watching those Sounders games? Yep, medicine charts are great, especially since taking routine meds is so repetitive. Copy your chart for future days before you start filling it in. Meds boxes are great too. Save space for the post-surgery meds to be used, and the PRN = "as needed" meds. Linda in Kansas

  5. Wow! great flower arrangement on the table.

  6. Your table is beautiful. I love the colours . Yes you will have Spring inside! The flowers match very well with the table cloth.
    I am also preparing for the surgery tomorow I take the taxi again to the clinic to see the anesthésiste and the next week we both will have to go. I also have all what I need for my prescription and I wish everything is already over!
    I like your new sweet shirt and I am glad your team has won.
    Have a good day.

  7. Lovely table and flowers. Enjoy your lunch and especially the visits with cousins.
    I'll be thinking of you next week - hope your surgery and recovery are quick and easy.

  8. You always manage to make an elegant table, find flowers in the garden, and keep optimistic thoughts! It almost inspires me to be a better hostess. The best you get around here is BBQ outside on the decks, so winter entertaining isn't our thing. I do love to enjoy all your beautiful flower arrangements! Good luck and best wishes for your surgery!

  9. You set such a beautiful table! How do you store and organize all your tablecloths, placemats, vases, etc? Best of outcomes for your upcoming surgery!

  10. That's a really pretty table. Just love it.

  11. Such a pretty table and flowers! I hope your gathering was a good one! Your surgery is approaching...I wish you the best outcome! I shall be thinking of you!

  12. Your floral displays are always always so stunning.


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