Monday, July 21, 2008

A Busy Day

Mid-July is hedge pruning time. Ordinarily, we like our green walls, 120 feet of holly on the east side, 100 feet of fir on the south side, and several columns of each throughout the yard. But this time of year we hate them, until we get them trimmed and back into shape. They are tall and require ladders. Tom cuts while I stand below and steady the ladder. The holly is prickly so we have to wear heavy clothes even if it's hot. Then there's the clean up, and eventually the shredding in the composter, since no yard waste leaves our yard, and it all gets recycled into compost or mulch. Today, after about a week of working at this task, usually in the cool of the mornings, we finished! Hallelujah! That was about noon. Then we got the raspberries picked as the clouds cleared off and the day warmed up. After a late lunch, Tom helped our neighbor check in with her airline tickets for her flight tomorrow. We'll take her to the airport at 6:30 am. We then continued in the task of setting up the new computer, arranging the hardware and dealing with the wires. We felt proud of ourselves when we were able to copy our email address list to the new email program. It was a very simple process once we figured out the new terms for the common functions, and which buttons did what. This evening, after a walk, we cashed in frequent flier miles for tickets to Colorado to spend Halloween with our grandchildren and their parents. Now we are tired.


  1. sounds like a more than full day-when did you nap. if i don't nap i don't function by mid afternoon but then if i nap here i am awake at 5 am...hmm. can see why you have a lovely yard=recycling and lots of hard work.

  2. Whew..that is hot work Linda. Thank you for recycling..we all need to take that step...

  3. WHEW!!! Tired... but happy and fulfilled, I bet. It sounds like a couple of long, hard days... but so fun to be able to look at the beauty you helped design, eat some fresh raspberries, hold hands while walking the grounds and plan for a good time with the grandmunchkins in October. Life is sweet!!

  4. I miss our Illinois raspberries. I did love to pick them for our breakfast cereal.

    Congratulations of transferring your address book. I had to get my brother's help on that but even then I couldn't get them all exported.

  5. Hope it is not too hot there. Heat Indices are at 110 degrees here!

  6. Between the Tour De France and the hedge pruning...I'm pooped!!
    you must have felt a huge sense of accomplishment when the job was done!!
    Think about how your frequent flyer miles saved you a whole lot more $$$ now since ticket prices are going through the roof!!


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