Saturday, July 26, 2008

Seafair in Seattle - Ballard

Seafair in Seattle is our big summer celebration. It is a big umbrella event incorporating lots of local festivals and parades, as well as the big stuff: Tonight's Torchlight Parade and next week's hydroplane races and air show. More about that later.
Today was Ballard's turn. Ballard, a city within the city of Seattle, is a community bordered by Puget Sound, Fisherman's Terminal and the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Locks. Ballard has a distinct Scandinavian air, as it was settled by immigrants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Their celebration is the Seafood Fest.
We were out touring gardens in greater Seattle today and dropped in to check out the scene. It included arts and craft booths, community organizations, and lots of food.
Climbing for cash. The money was still there when we left. The lutefisk eating contest was a highlight. These guys don't exactly look Nordic, do they? I have no idea what happened because as soon as the word "go" was given, everyone sitting in the audience stood up and I couldn't see a thing. I think there was some quick slurping of the gelatinous goo, and within seconds a winner was declared. I think it was fortunate for all that the portions were small. Eew. For anyone who has seen The Deadliest Catch, the TV show on Discovery Channel, you know the name Sig Hanson, captain of the Northwestern. Sig's boat is docked here in Ballard and tonight he is the grand marshal of the Torchlight Parade. Watch out for the Pirates!


  1. I do watch the deadliest catch..what is a troll wrap? It sounds like you did a garden walk? Our is this weekend, but you would need a raincoat and boots to walk around..

  2. looks fun, my exhusband was from sweden and always had to have lute fish for christmas-it is tasteless goo. would love some salmon though. seattle is certainly an interesting place we have two kids who live there. my son downtown and my husband's dg in redmond. we make trips up there every few years.

  3. That looks like a fun time. BYW, I love your header!

  4. Oh gosh, Linda! This looks like so much fun! I wish we could be there with you.


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