Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home Improvement

I guess we watch too much HGTV.
We asked ourselves,"What would we do to fix up the house if we were going to sell it?' One answer was a new front door. So we decided that if we would do it to sell it, we should do it to live in. And so we did.
It took most of the morning Monday to shop for and purchase the door. The box said "Do not lay flat", so we moved seats around in the van to accommodate that. The old door came out easily. The new door took lots of maneuvering with shims and adjustments to get it square. At one point Tom and I were on the same side of the door - a bad idea -and while adjusting it tipped out and fell. There was no way to catch it so all we could do was watch it fall and wait for the crash of glass as it slammed on the porch. So much for "do not lay flat"! But there was no crash. After examining it we saw a short crack in the fiberglass finish, but we'll live with our oops scar. There was more adjusting then, and I was on standby. When I was not helping, I tried to stay out of hearing range so as to miss the many "Oh, @#$%!'s. But in the end, after a day and a half, it looks good.
Oh, how I love Home Improvements :(


  1. I'm back! Your commentary is always so warm. Thanks for stopping by my place. Good morning from Mississippi, USA. I hope you have a wonderful morning!

  2. I LOVE your door! That was such a lovely choice. We'll be going through all those fun home renovations, too.

  3. hi, you received an award for blogging, see my blog. Lin

  4. I don't know what the OLD door looked like... but, the NEW door looks great! The whole effect is very welcoming. It just sort of says, "Kick off your shoes and come on in for a cup of "joe", some pleasant conversation, and to watch the sun streaming in through the windows." Wish I was closer, I just might come a knockin on that new front door.


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