Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh, Dear

As Mr. Rodgers would say, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..", much too nice to sit at my computer upstairs in the den.
But it seems that my "public" is calling out for a new posting. So here's something to tide you over. We traveled to Tulalip, Stanwood and Camano Island on Saturday to tour gardens and new territory. I'll post more of that later. But in one of the gardens and uninvited lunch guest showed up. Cute, though.


  1. sounds like a fun excursion. just ignore us and enjoy your vacation outings...

  2. It's easy to think Bambi's cute in the yard when he's not chewing your delpheniums down to a nub. We do love it when the deer come through the yard!! Especially when they bed down here...which they do from time to time. A couple of years they actually had their babies out in our grove.

    Was this a park, a nursery? Sounds like a fun packed day! You just go make some more memories to share. We'll keep looking for you.

  3. Hey...have no guilt for missing a couple of days while you were out seeing the sights. It looks like a great outing!


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