Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally Finished

Here it is, the finished product. I just had Tom help me hang it in the downstairs bathroom. It looks good and I'm happy with it.
It took me long enough to finish. I don't know where the time goes. Today it's already three o'clock, and what have I done? Let's see:
- I got out of bed - that's an effort these days.
- Checked email and face book and a few blogs
- Showered, got dressed and went downstairs
- Walked out to get the paper
- Made my milkshake breakfast, and then voted while I drank it. (Co. Library levy)
- Skimmed the paper while listening to Dave Ross on the radio.
- Got organized, then got in the car to run errands - mail the ballots, pick up my prescription for Naproxan, buy a dowel to hang my hanging, get milk and a few things at Safeway.
- Back home, I put stuff away, then headed out for my "gotta' keep movin' " walk. -50 min.
- Iced my ankle while I sorted the mail and started the crossword puzzle.
- Warmed leftovers for lunch, then chocolate and coffee while I finished the puzzle.
- Sewed hanging straps for the wall hanging. Got Tom to help me hang it.
- Took photos for this blog, and posted.
And there you have a typical day, not so productive, but busy non-the -less. It's a little after three so I have some more time to devote to projects. I'm going to attach my new free motion foot to my sewing machine and practice quilting. Then I'll organize the next project based on stuff I've dug out of the forgotten projects stash.


  1. Great wall hanging! I had to look up those Black Skimmers with the red faces. They do not hang out around here. Too bad.

  2. Wow, your day sounds a lot like mine. Seems like every day brings something I didn't have on my list. My day the goes in a different direction than I had planned. Not bad, just different and I'm left trying to get back to my to-do list. Bob and I walked today! That was our big accomplishment.

  3. Your day sounds a lot like mine also. I usually start the day with a swim at the Community Center Pool. I try to do a mile five days a week. Then I work on some project and seem to spend a lot of time just puttering.

    Today I did taxes, so I am pretty brain dead this evening. At least that chore is done for another year!

    I love your wall hanging!

  4. what do you mean, not very productive-you did tons. just going grocery shopping is great but you also walked, blogged, sewed, etc. I say that's very productive...

  5. ps lovely wall hanging, like the colors...

  6. Oh man..I just love that...really beautiful...Michelle

  7. That is beautiful, Linda! Terrific job! And I'd say you stayed pretty busy all day -- we just do different things these days than we did when we taught/worked. Have another great day tomorrow!


  8. Beautiful. Glad to see the finished piece!!
    Your day sounds very productive to me.
    Btw. I've Been wanting to ask you about your garden

    I need to get mine ready. Last year it didn't do well. I'm wondering how you prepare yours and when.
    Of course the season is so messed up. We hardly had any fog this last fall and winter so far. And now it's looking like spring. My cat, the Venerable Puddha is even beginning to shed.
    So I'm thinking garden prep already.

    Any suggestions? You and Tom have the best gardens!!

  9. Linda thank you for your reply. This sounds so efficient the way you do it. BTW, could I borrow Tom? ,-)

    so. Ugh not sure where to begin this year. I have 1 box!!
    I guess clear it out and add manure and lime and cover it until it's plating time.

    Seems all your crops are successful, but with seasons kind of mixed up, I'm wondering when to plant. . Last spring it was cold a long time. How do you deal with these temp swings? Do you plant in a cold frame or just wait for the right temperatures to manifest?

    Inquiring minds,( laughing). We wanna know.

  10. I would say you had a very busy day! I love the wall hanging, its beautiful!

  11. In answer to Sherry's questions: My ankle has no ill effects from the wheel chair incident, but I am trying to settle down a painful flare up of arthritis, so after walking, I am icing, and I've started on Naproxen.
    Gardening: leaf mulch goes on all flower and shrub beds in fall. In the vegetable garden boxes, Tom spades in rough compost - the plant material that was growing in the beds and some fleshy yard trimmings. the boxes are then covered with landscape cloth as a weed barrier and to prevent the rain from compacting the soil. Then they are ready for planting in spring.
    Planting: We do have a green house where Tom starts some seedlings, but most are sown directly into the soil. Cool crops - lettuce, radishes, peas - can be sown in March, although we have frequently had to replant peas and sweet peas. Warm weather crops do best if we wait until after Mother's Day. If it is cold and wet, we lay transparent plastic over the seeded areas, weighted down with rocks, until the seeds sprout. This warms the soil and prevents too much rain from rotting the seeds.
    And yes, Sherry, we have our share of failures!

  12. Linda, you have every right to be happy with your beautiful wall hanging. Well done! Hope your pain subsides soon. And hey, you are retired. Where's the panic to do things? :-) - Dave

  13. Great info Linda. You live a beautiful life!!
    I'm always inspired to drop by and see what you're doing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    It's time to prune roses and get the beds ready for this years flowers.
    Will you be making a valentine cake??


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