Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Outside

Being outside in the fresh air and natural light is important to me, so I was happy for a dry day. I spent about an hour raking leaves back into the beds and cleaning up edges. The ground birds and squirrels like to dig and scratch for goodies and scatter the leaves. These Juncos seemed to like it that I stirred things up a bit and were right there to hunt and peck. I took time out to rest on this bench and listen to the birds sing. They were flitting everywhere, also enjoying a dry day.
Then I took my snippers and basket and strolled through the yard, looking for material to make a winter bouquet.
At the same time, Tom was working on the roof and in the front of the house, finally getting the Christmas lights down.
The bush tits and chickadees were busy at the bird feeders. The chickadees scolded when Tom got too near, but the fearless bush tits were diving all around him, especially as he worked on the tree where they sit and wait their turn at the feeders.
We have both black capped and chestnut backed chickadees, but they are hard to capture in pics because they do not sit at the feeders. Instead they land, snatch, and instantly fly off to eat.
Serger update: I just watched the instruction DVD that came with my machine, and I suddenly feel much more confident. It also gave my back a chance to have some "recliner therapy" after the morning's work. I think I'll go play around with it and see what I can do.


  1. If I could pick only ONE word to describe your life, today, it would be sublime.
    I love your surroundings and the way you wander through your yard and your days so peacefully, so aware of your surroundings.

    Tell me you aren't the one who wrote on Kay's blog that you've been married 47 years. Are you kidding? That's so GREAT! But, you musts have been 12 when you got married if it's you.

  2. What a beautiful foliage arrangement.

    I'm amazed you can ever squeeze in time to enjoy your gardens. I didn't know gardners ever reached that stage.

    As usual, lovely pictures.

  3. You have such an artistic eye, Linda. That bouquet is gorgeous! This was a very wonderful post. Actually, your photos look like what our spring looked like in Illinois. I see that the liquid air has dissipated somewhat and your birds are happy! Good luck with the serger.

  4. love your winter bouquet. your yard is lovely but lots of work I can tell. you love a dry day, we love wet days as they are so rare.

  5. Caryn! It's so good to hear from you. I've missed you!
    No, I'm not the one married 47 years. We're only working on our 41st year. But since I'm also on my 66th year of living, it is possible, I guess.

  6. Always love your photos of your garden and the birds and your lovely yard. Beautiful winter bouquets! Enjoy!


  7. I enjoyed your 'daily diary' today Linda. Glad you love the birds. So do I, specially the sparrows which we get here in large numbers. Sadly we seldom get native birds in the city. The sparrows and I are friends and they get excited when I go out to feed them twice a day with bread. Also get other introduced birds like starlings, mynahs, blackbirds, thrushes, etc.

  8. We had a dry and sunny day yesterday too. It was great. We took advantage and went for a walk.

    I love the bird shots!

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  10. It's nice to get out to work in the garden and I need to do the same. The yard waste goes out tonight and I still have a little room for more prunings. I need to go after the voles again the seem to have caught on to my mousetraps. It's challangeing to place them so that the catch voles and not birds.


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