Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In The News

After scanning the newspaper this morning, and listening to news/talk radio, I have some impressions: Charlie Sheen? Really? Do we really care this much about a wacky actor? Are we really that entertained by watching a man and a family go off the rails? Are we enjoying the agony of defeat? Is Bill Gates really an expert on public education? He has never gone to a public school. He does not have a college degree. He is self taught because he is a genius and he was fortunate enough to get access to a super computer in the basement of a building at the University of Washington. He knows what kind of workers he wants, but does he really know how to create them? Does he really think the solution is in how we pay and promote teachers? Why are gas prices rising so fast? There is no shortage of oil. Libya produces only 10% of the world's oil. Unrest there is worrying investors. So Wall Street is messing with us again? And finally, a tribute: Shuttle Discovery is the Grande Dame of the Space Shuttle Program. Over 27 years, she has made 39 missions. Today she completed her last mission. She is retired. Hail, Discovery! Well done! And, oh, how we hope she comes to rest at our Museum of Flight.


  1. Wow! Those are all excellent questions that I wish we had an answer for. I sure am tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen, too. He needs to get out of the spotlight and get some help!

  2. Good points to consider. Why do we need news 24/7?

    I too am watching the events goining on today in Florida regarding the space program.

  3. I rarely read the celebrity news. I check out the headlines but that's about it. All those events are outside my circle of concern, so I make an effort to keep them out of my head. Sometimes more successfully than others.

  4. We heard the sonic boom from the space shuttle here in Venice, FL.

  5. Wow, Linda, that wonderful shuttle has done her duty, and then some. Thanks for reminding me about her retirement, and I too hope she comes to live at the Museum of Flight.

  6. Sometimes, my husband and I shake our heads and ask, "Was today a slow news day?" I mean really, why do these things get coverage in the news???

  7. Actually, Wall Street isn't messing with us, but the oil companies are.

    There is at least a 4 month supply of oil, bought at a very low price. Furthermore, supply is up and demand down because of the rising prices. The oil companies arbitrarily raise the prices.

  8. I agree with you, I think the shuttle is going to Wash DC...

  9. I, too, am bewildered by the "news" most of the time. I have gotten to where I glance at the headlines when I log onto msn to get email, so I am not totally out of the loop, but take everything I read or hear with a big grain of salt.

    I hope we get one of the shuttles at the Museum of Flight!

  10. every time there is a new report from the Mid East my son says "well there's another 5 cents on a gallon"
    oil cos are so evil

  11. Your post is well-written, Linda. I have nothing to add to it.

  12. I've always been interested in others definition of education.

    Charlie who?.. :-)

    News?? I think I get mine from my facebook feed
    I've never been a great news fan, altho reading a good Sunday paper can be nice.
    I like The NY Times book review!!

    News is much like a soap opera, you can miss a lot and get caught up very quickly.

    Nice questions Linda.
    Love your header!!


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