Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Trip to Whidbey Island

It was beautiful at the cabin when we arrived about 10:30 Monday morning, but there was no time to play.
We knew we had just one day of promised dry weather, so we got to work on the front garden. Starting at 11:00, we clipped and weeded and transplanted. We took a half hour lunch break at 1:00, and then I went back to work while Tom scouted out where we could get compost without a truck or expensive delivery.
He came back with 15 bales of compost from the nearby nursery, loaded into our mini-van. I finished the weeding and trimming while he got to work spreading the compost.
The results were impressive, if I do say so myself. And we even have a few little bloomers.
It was after 5:00 when we had everything cleaned up and put away. We walked over to the beach to say goodbye to the day.
It rained overnight and was wet this morning, but the rain stopped early. We did some cleaning and reorganizing inside, and then I got away to prowl a bit with my camera.
Over at the beach I spotted eagles. This baldy was flying in to join some buddies
for a little fun and games on the tide flats.
Then I took a short walk on the dike along the lagoon. It still looks like winter here, not much sign of spring yet.
Except for one seedling fruit tree ready to burst into bloom.
I startled a couple of cotton tails along the path.
This pintail duck was one of several varieties floating in the lagoon and the wetlands channels.
The water system was being worked on along the beach street, so we had no water from about 9:15 on today. Thankfully we had a twenty minute warning so we could get our showers and store some water for the day. After our chores were done, we had lunch, then packed up and headed to Langley for lattes before heading to the ferry. We were back home by 4:45.
It was a short but very successful trip.


  1. All that hard work paid off, the garden looks lovely Linda. Also your photos were fun to look at. I was in Whidbey Island a few years ago, always enjoy seeing it again. What I would give to see those eagles.

  2. You guys always amaze me with what you can accomplish in a short time. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! Spring looks like it's beginning to blossom in Whidbey!

  3. how fun to have some sunshine to work in...you have a lovely place and nice yard...

  4. I've never seen two people who can accomplish as much as the two of you do and in such short amounts of time. You are clearly very organized.

  5. Gosh, you sure are a couple of hard workers Linda! Good work though. Your gardens look great! - Dave

  6. That picture of the budding bush just made my day! Spring is coming! And I agree with the other commenters, you two accomplish an amazing amount in a single day. Not to mention all the great pictures you took.

  7. Your efforts really paid off -- the garden/landscaping looks so pristine! (Is that a daphne next to the daffodils?)

    The fact that you can just spot so many eagles is very exciting to me!!

  8. Loved the clouds over the beach shot!

  9. Your garden looked lovely by the time you were done.
    I don't think you could drag me away from there after such a short trip, it is such a lovely spot and looks so quiet this time of year.


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