Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our New School

The students and staff of McMicken Heights took occupancy of their new building this week. It was a year and a half ago that the old building was vacated and its occupants were relocated to an old building in the district that had been closed and is being used as a transition school. The old building was demolished and this one began to rise in its place. During mid-winter break the staff moved in. We were there last week to help several friends with the moving. This is the site of our neighborhood school, where Jill and Jake went to school, and where I worked for twenty years. I posted lots of photos especially for my kids, since they know the site, but you are all welcome to come along. I have mostly exterior shots because I waited for a sunny day, this morning, and a day when there weren't cars and kids and trucks around. I'm not too crazy about all the slanty walls and angles, but I LOVE the colors. Can you guess why?
The alcove and stairwell separate the library from the classrooms.
The blue section is for kindergarten and preschool. The plan is to have them garden in those raised planters.
The playground is not finished and the field will not be open for use until next fall.
Around back.
They have to wait for dry weather to apply the foam padding under the climbing equipment. Good luck!
To the right is the wing with the offices up front, then the multipurpose room/cafeteria and the gym.
The interior hallway.
A glimpse of the gym.
There is still work to be done.
The outdoor, covered play area is off the end of the gym.
The view from the west side.
This is the bus drive through.
And the bus pick up area. The green wall is the exterior of the staff room.
Two trees were salvaged from the old site.
Now we need spring to come and leaf them out.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day in Washington! The school is gorgeous.

  2. Always great to see a new school like this one -- particularly these days! Terrific captures and thanks for the tour, Linda! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  3. What great pictures, Linda. A really wonderful addition to your neighborhood, and I actually LIKE all the slanty angles. Looks like the blue sky has returned for while.

  4. This is great and it was fun to see all the angles. I happen to like the different look of it. It's a very modern styling, and yes, the color is lovely too.

  5. Linda,
    This is absolutely beautiful; what a treat for the students AND staff. I have been privileged to open a new building and the excitement in the air is irreplacable.
    Glad the children have the great opportunity to do that.
    thanks so much for sharing...

  6. strange architecture!

  7. The school is really quite cool. I think the kids will like it. The style is more than just functional, it definitely has form also.

  8. what a modernistic school and they will teach them to garden-how cool is that...

  9. Wowee!! That is quite an impressive school. I am so glad it happened.

    Sounder and Seahawk colors!!!!! MB

  10. It's a beautiful building..may it be used well...

  11. Yes MB, SOUNDERS and Seahawks colors! You are the winner!

  12. Love the colors and the fact that the new school is so bright and airy. Maybe the slanty walls will grow on you. :)


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