Monday, September 5, 2011

The 2011 Phosie-Gertie Picnic

Preparations began early for the big family gathering .  Thirty-two cousins and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas are expected.  Gotta' get the corn shucked.

Time out for the annual cabin meeting for the Foster/Reeder part of the clan, descendants of Gramma Gertie. We had some missing members this year, but we welcomed Jill and family as new dues paying members of the owners and users group of the cabin. We voted to maintain status quo, feeling good to have met expenses for another year.
And about 2:00 our numbers swelled as the descendants of Phosie and guests arrived from up the hill and across the bay.

It was time for the raising of the Phosie-Gertie flag, embellished this year by a new tradition,

 ...the singing of the Phosie-Gertie anthem.

And then we corralled all the kids for the taking of the "formal" group portrait.
Next there was a water balloon toss, but since my partner and I were third last to go out, I didn't get photos of this traditional event.

Then on to the sand castle contest.  No tools allowed, use only what you find on the beach, and the theme this year is 'The Shipping Channel'.  So what do we see out in the main channel?
 Cruise ships, cargo ships, air craft carriers, whales!
 Time is up.  tell us about your creation.
 My co-judges, two fine young lads, awarded first prize the the whale team and their 'whale of a tale', 
 but they liked the air craft carrier too, and named them runners-up.
Quickly we grabbed the attention of the young set so Jill could send them off to the candy scramble, each equipped with their own name bag for holding the goodies she had scattered in the shade around the two cabins.

Tom, like his father before him, manned the grill.  Hot dogs, brats and hamburgers, corn on the cob, salads and fruit were served up.
 And of course there was dessert!

 The Awards section of the program came next.  There was only one presentation this year, the Annual Saddle shoe Award.  Why it's called that is a family secret, sorry.  But Jake, last year's recipient, presented it this year to his sister Jill, and her family, for moving back to the Pacific Northwest.
While Jill has been to many Phosie-Gertie Picnics, this was a first for Isaac and Irene.  They loved it.  Now we just have to get Corey out here.  Got a job to offer, anyone?


  1. It's very clear your grands needed to be back in Washington state near family for their growing up years. What fun. Who could ask for more? A job for Corey might answer that.

  2. I hope that job offer comes through soon. What a wonderful tradition with a great extended family this is!

  3. Ah! The Phosie-Gertie reunion! I'd forgotten this event, although I "attended" last year, via your blog. What a great time everyone has, me included.

  4. You could not have asked for more magnificent weather for the event this year. And the pictures are outstanding! I'm so glad that the kids will be here now that they've moved back to the PNW! And congrats to them for winning the Saddle Shoe Award (whatever that is!).

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  6. I am open to a job cleaning toilets at this point...

  7. What a fun post, with lovely family traditions. Hope it won't be long before Corey joins you all. Good luck on the job front.

  8. Yes, good luck to both your son and your son-in-law. Wishing them the best!

    Love your family parties and picnics, Linda.

  9. what a fun time you are having family traditions.

  10. How great to be able to get together like that each year. The food looks fantastic.

  11. So glad to see the Phosie Gertie continues on and on...with the younger generation stepping into leadership roles. So glad Jill and kids are nearby. Thanks for such great pictures.

  12. Oh what a good time...I need to get back in touch with the people whose reunions I used to go to on my Mother's side....

  13. What fun, beautiful family, and blue sky too! Wow, and food, looks soo good.


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