Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Operating System

Tom and I have been struggling a bit getting to know our new operating system.  

Our computer was having issues and so a week and a half ago our tech guy, Tad, cleaned it up and installed Windows 7, where before we had Windows Vista.  Lots of things have moved around.

We backed everything up with Carbonite.  Tad worked on the change remotely last week while we were away, and Carbonite restored many of our settings and programs, so when we got back last Friday we were anxious to see how it worked.  The real test for me is downloading photos and publishing them on my blog.  I found I still had to install Google Chrome to sync right with my blog.  Picture storage is more complicated because there are so many more options, and I have to remember which tab or screen has which tools, like 'Crop' and even 'Delete'.

We will need some advice about how to set some things up to work better for us.  How are you supposed to know how to do things when there is no manual? "Help" seldom does.

It's taking me a bit longer to select photos and post them, but as you can see from previous posts, I'm finding a way.

One thing is for sure: if you want to keep up in this modern era, you have to keep learning.


  1. I am still using XP on one laptop and Vista on my main computer. My daughter and MSFT son-in-law think I need to upgrade, but every upgrade causes me to lose something. After a while they quit letting me even see email if I don't upgrade, so that is in my future also. bummer!

  2. Boy, isn't that the truth! I have a Mac operating system, so I am unfamiliar with the Windows 7 OS. I have been reading about Windows 7 and thinking that it's a big step upwards for Microsoft. I can't help you, but I look forward to reading more about what people have to say about Windows 7.

  3. I have a mac computer and resist strongly changing os systems...but it eventually becomes necessary.

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  5. My problem is a jumping cursor, especially when I am trying to post photos on my blog.

  6. Truer words have not been spoken! Good for you for keeping up with this. I've actually never heard of carbonite. Will Google it and learn what I can. Meanwhile, I'm having fun learning to deal with my Nook Color.

  7. I have a Mac so it's not too much of a hassle when I MUST upgrade. This next time, though, I'll lose my financial software, since the new version doesn't support Quicken. I'll be waiting a while. As long as possible.

  8. Isn't it annoying! I have a main home computer, a main school computer, and a laptop for transitioning between those two. All three of them have different operating systems. Drives me nuts!


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