Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back Home Again

We left for the cabin at Rockaway Beach, Oregon, last Monday, and while we got home last night (Friday), today has been a busy day, so it will take me a while to catch you up on our adventures.

After a week of sun and heat in Seattle, the cool weather arrived, but I didn't mind the clouds and morning fog.  It was somehow soothing.  Our little old cabin endures.
 And the Twin Rocks still grace our beach and demand to have their picture taken.

Tides were just right for morning and evening walks.  We also ventured into the woods at Oswald West State Park, where the trees grow big in this temperate rain forest.
The old and decaying provide nourishment for the new and thriving.
 This way to the beach.

 Beach stones.
 And big trees.  These are Sitka spruce.
 Oh, fun!  A suspension bridge!

 And another path to the beach.

This evening Tom and I are drying out after attending a wet soccer    match at the stadium.  The rain held off for the first half, but then got serious and stuck around.  But with a 3-0 win over DC United, our spirits weren't dampened, just the rest of us.

Earlier today we attended Isaac's first soccer match.  But I'll have to get back to you on that.  It's getting late, and we have a family brunch to get to tomorrow morning.  I'll also try to catch up with what all of you have been doing, that is when I'm not going out to lunch or attending another soccer match.  Busy times, and I'm lovin' it!


  1. The beautiful trees would keep me so fascinated, I probably would never reach the beach!

  2. So beautiful...nature at its finest. Looks spectacular!

  3. love your photos=so beautiful and you keep busy!

  4. OMG, Linda! Those old growth trees are stunningly beautiful! And your pictures are simply amazing. Glad to hear that you are catching up with things, your life could not be going better, I'd say!

  5. Such evocative photos! You must have really relaxed at the beach.

  6. Those trees are humongous! Glad to see you back on the blog, Linda, I missed you.

  7. These island pictures remind me very much of my trip to the south island of New Zealand--must be a very similar climate zone.

  8. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I am loving this little taste of fall. All the rhodies are saying "Thank you" for the rain too.

  9. What beautiful photos! Oh I would love to walk on your beach and explore all that is around your cottage. I am just amazed at the size of the trees! And I loved the heart stones I saw in the photo, the big heart would definitely make a great talisman to carry in a pocket!

  10. The pics have me captivated. I'm not even sure I know how I hopped onto your blog...but the scenes are welcoming. I'll be back. ~Mary


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