Friday, September 2, 2011

Good News and Bad

Let's start with some of the good news.

I had a bone density scan this morning at Group Health Central Clinic.  I have the report back already, via email:  Normal.  No sign of osteoporosis.

More good news - I have already taken off the two pounds I regained during the three week moving process.  The bad news is that I celebrated by having an ice cream sundae this evening.

Continuing good news - Tom repaired a small  wooden picnic table that Jill brought with her from Colorado.  We took that and a few other things we found around the house over to them this evening.  We collected hugs from the grand kids, visited a bit, and then came home.  So ordinary, so easy, so lovely.  I like this new normal!

And the bad news - During the dinner hour today someone took out our new, expensive, locking mail box, the one Isaac loves to go get the mail out of.  Our neighbor in front of us came and told us, having heard the crash.  He didn't see who did it, but there was our mail box, knocked over into the ditch and smashed.  It will have to be replaced.

Thanks, neighborhood driver, whoever you are.  I hope your vehicle is equally smashed.


  1. well the bad news could be worse, glad it was just a mailbox that can be replaced...

  2. Ditto Lin Floyd! I thought the bad news was going to be dire. lol.

  3. Congratulations on the new normal, and losing that extra weight. I'm still hanging onto my lighter weight but have started to allow myself a Mallards ice cream cone now and then.

    Good thing the mailbox can be replaced without much difficulty, but I too hope his car looks like it met its match.

  4. Yes, I'm glad the bad news wasn't worse, too!! The mailbox is easy to replace, just annoying! Having Jill and the kids here in Seattle makes up for a lot of that "other" stuff! Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend!!


  5. Bless all those hugs from the grandchildren, especially the ones you'll be getting to sympathize with you for the smashed mail box. So sorry about that. We've had the same thing done to ours, by our mailman, who skidded into it in icy weather. He was lovely though, came back later and brought with him a new one which he actually installed. He won big kudos from us for doing that. Pity your mailbox smasher didn't do the same thing, naughty and inconsiderate person whoever it was.

  6. Sounds like the new normal is working great for you. I'm delighted. Like you, I hope the person who destroyed your mailbox gets their just reward. What a pain.

  7. Ice cream is always good for celebrating. We eat it only on the weekends these days, which make Saturday and Sunday reason to celebrate.

  8. Glad your health is looking good Lynda. Sorry about your letterbox. Some people have no respect for others - Dave

  9. Your new normal sounds wonderful! I think it's great that you can just go over and visit the g-kids and your daughter on a moment's notice.

    And congrats on your tests -- good news all around.

    And as for your mailbox...karma is a bitch. That' person's disregard is now their own problem. But sorry you have to clean up after them.

  10. Good health news!!! I know I lost the handpainted mailbox that my husband had made for me....why are people so mean...


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