Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life Goes On, and So Does Summer

Summer may be winding down, but you can't tell around here.

Friday afternoons are early release days for school kids here in our district, meaning the kids get out an hour and a half early so the teachers can meet and plan and learn.  My dreams of grandmotherhood are coming true now, as we picked up the kids from school and they spent the afternoon with us.

We finally got to use that kiddie pool we have had stored in the garage for a long time now.  With temps in the mid eighties, it was the perfect way to have fun in the sun.

Yep, I got wet too.

Tad, our tech guy, has scrubbed our computer, and installed Windows 7.  Currently Carbonite is re-installing all of our saved documents.  It says it has three days to go.  So I am using Suzie, my little Acer net book, to publish this post.  It's not so efficient, but I think we're communicating now, after she quit on me once. This is a big job for her.

Today Tom and I were off to another Sounders match at the stadium.  We ate our hot dogs in the shade on the north entrance steps.  Not a bad view for dining.
With the anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow, the flag ceremony has special meaning, and all branches of the armed services were represented in the presentation of the colors.
At the 9th minute, until the eleventh minute, the crowd waved little American flags in commemoration of the anniversary.

The action on the field was fierce, and the 1-2 loss was disappointing, but we stayed to thank our players before heading for the shade, and iced lattes at Starbucks before coming home on the light rail.

Tomorrow we'll be doing laundry and packing up.  We're heading for the Oregon Coast Monday for a stay at the little red cabin at Rockaway Beach, and a stop in the valley to see my mom.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another peaceful late summer day, when we can all go about our business of enjoying our freedom.


  1. Amen, Linda. I hope we have a stress free day tomorrow, and we are all thinking of ten years ago. Glad to know you are heading out to see your mom.

  2. Well said. I hope you have a good visit with your mom.

    I think I see a BIG swimming pool in your future. ;)

  3. Love the idea of a short Friday for kids. Our teachers would love that. Have a good weekend.

  4. the grandkids are so beautiful and they have such sweet kind faces

  5. glad you are enjoying the grandkids and a late summer. WE are loving our early fall and hot temps in the 80s...whoppee!

  6. Love those grandma moments--lucky kids to have you so nearby. My own parents took my kids after school while I was working--just a great thing all around.

  7. Oh dear... sounds like you had computer trouble. I feel like I've been so out of touch. It's been crazy over at our house. Still is.

    Nothing more exciting than having unplanned for week-long guests after returning from a two-week long “vacation.”

    We're looking forward to our lives returning to some normalcy in about a week. Then we'll be planning for our trip to Chicago. Yikes!

    You did this post with an Acer? I'm really impressed!!!

  8. Grandmother dreams! Aren't you lucky?

  9. How wonderful to have the extra time with your darling grandchildren. Looks like the pool was a big hit! Your garden looks so gorgeous...

  10. The children look like they are enjoying the pool! Thinking of you and your fellow Americans at this time - Dave


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