Monday, September 19, 2011

Beach Sunset

It takes just the right conditions to get these photos of the sun setting between the Twin Rocks.  I have had good luck on our fall visits, twice taking similar photos on the autumnal equinox, which has special significance. 

I was a little early this year.  The equinox, the last day of summer, first day of fall, is September 23rd, this Friday.

But last week the conditions were right, and we set out about 7:00 to find the right spot with the right alignment.  On the way I couldn't resist shooting this wonderful sand castle that someone had build during the day.

The sun fit into the notch in the rock.

 And down it goes.

 And into the ever present fog bank.
 A look back before calling it a day and heading to the cabin to settle in.


  1. Gorgeous photography! Mahalo, Linda.

  2. What gorgeous sunset pictures. That sandcastle is magnificent! Glad you captured it on film so it isn't totally lost when the tide comes in.

  3. lovely photos-there is such serenity at the ocean...

  4. I got your message about the Canon. These, too? I don't see why you even needed the expensive camera, if you take such shots with the little one. Beautiful pictures!

  5. these shots are amazing
    I wish I could invent a new word for them
    so beautiful

  6. Amazing photos Linda and I am impressed that you knew about how to set up these wonderful photographs. I hope you are entering them for competition.

  7. That is some incredible photographic work--stunning.

  8. All I can say is, "WOOOOW!" I just had to stop by for a short visit. My life is still crazy over here.


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